Into your hands I commit my spirit to love – Henri Almanza

We live in a senseless world and we must learn not to try to make sense of it.

For all sense of understanding is wasted in emotions that distort and confuse what the very meaning of it is.

That which could be grasped within the complicated nature of its knowledge is that chaos and order are simultaneously in sync, and that for every action there is a reaction, which might but more often than not cannot be predicted in the visible or the unseen.

We must learn how to accept our existence no matter its status and try to elevate ourselves within it’s frame, to something higher and greater, while never giving up on the very existence that we live and share with each other and the vast universe from which we come. When and wherever we can, we must witness our impossibilities through hope, the very hope of love and understanding that is required in everything that makes no sense, for it is in the very giving and receiving of Love that is intrinsic in our DNA that survival and thriving is born!

We must, even in the face of the greatest evil that exist, see that senseless acts devoid of love are not of the infinite love that created us, but of the hope that binds us to be the love that created us. We must learn to see love as that which was created for the sake of our own purification, so that we may discover whom and what we really are and evolve into a greater sense of self, even in the senseless illusions of evil.

This might not make sense but these were the words given to me!

“As you walk this earth, wrought with the appearances and inconsistencies of a senseless life, full of the chaos and the evil of man’s untethered free will, you must also hold to a truth born from your DNA.”

This truth is all the more reason to believe and to uphold the knowledge, which is simplest for man to make sense of:

“Love is all you need to reflect the highest state of consciousness that created us. Love is the creator of all that exists. Love is the breath that was breathed into you”.

The origin of creation was born of a depth of love that we cannot fully understand, though its physical origins have sustained us far beyond any belief we can contribute to or subtract from.

This Love born from within us, within a sense of senselessness that we know on a level and dimension so innately, that we grasp its power and affirm its value, knowing that no greater existence can take its place, while never fully comprehending its state of consciousness, encompasses everything we can define from our first instinct to our last breath, emphatically rules our lives, and is the greatest mystery we will ever seek to unfold.

Love is A greatness so great, that it cannot contain itself.

We are born to strive for it, born to hope for it, to lavish it and to mourn for it.

We are born to try to make sense of it, and yet none of us know tangibly whence it comes from. Where or when did the instinct to love arise? Was it born from or for survival or was it some other primal instinct that could be attributed to life and its evolution? Perhaps that can be argued, but the idea that emotions emanated from evolution for its usefulness in survival, is just not a scientific or plausible explanation. It gives no account of how feelings are possible as properties that emerge in the complex systems we call organisms. It can only be categorized in terms of intellect and consciousness, as it is clearly not a state of physical evolution.

Love seems to have been conjured up from thin air. It leaves its seekers dumb founded with their own thoughts about its emanation … And yet….this is what I “heard!” If we venture back to the origin of time and creation, Love was born from an explosion that created a havoc of dust turned into particles of conjoined fragments that scattered far and wide, turning into whirling clouds traveling through darkness, into bright and fiery illuminations that incomprehensibly lit the darkness, which made it visible to it’s self, attracting itself to itself, so as to form a union, a bond, a way to go forward, never alone and never unloved.

This act which was called love … birthed all there is. It is the act of creation known throughout science, which remains nameless or that which was alluded to in the big bang theory. This is an act that within itself holds no proof of its genesis or existence, but undeniably has the power of a singular intent that makes evolution possible as a whole. It has no chemical makeup that can be defined, no component that can be classed as a building product of our DNA, and yet there it is.

Yes we can describe the origin of Love, as seemingly senseless and chaotic eruption which created dust, which gave birth to stars, and then attached or “loved” itself into a greater creation of itself and everything else. It bounded one particle to another and then to another and on and on, till it gave birth to man as a reflection of itself for itself. LOVE born from one spark, ignited by a “Love” that could not be contained, brought itself into existence and bond itself to itself so it could make sense of its very own creation.

The clarity for this senseless truth is not to make sense of what is coded into its DNA. It is to accept everything we have and are, by turning it back in and onto to itself, so that it reveals the only one inescapable sense of our reality, which is to accept that, we were created from love, for love, and to express Love.

Dust from which we are born and destined to return, for the sake of it all to exist as all we are and all we will ever be.

No, we cannot fully understand and YES, it is the absolute truth as given to me!

The essence of Love is the only nameless consistency that exists in the order and chaos of the science of evolution without an explanation of its birth. It creates to create within itself, so it can be born again and again with the certainty that it is loved by its creation, even when being challenged by the senselessness that accompanies it, by those who see it as meaningless. Love has the power to evolve a greater love for itself and everything it has created. It has no death as much as it has never had a physical birth, it simply exists. Love is the only thing that we are able to replicate within our limited and senseless understanding of this phenomenon, and further, give birth to it within us without physical experience of it manifesting into existence, though “Its” being is our own freewill.

Death and Destruction cannot have a future, not even in a cosmic sense.

But Love …. Love can create from its own dust, from its own evolution, to become its own natural source, because it chooses to. Born of one spontaneous combustion manifesting as a fragment of complex equations and propelled into a constant motion of bonding, Love creates Love for itself as it spreads through everything that persists within evolution, to be, the greatness from which it is born.

I know that this may all sound very senseless, coming from unscientific facts, from a voice that can’t be identified, other than by a faith that has had a glimpse of Love itself, but again, it is THE Truth that has been revealed to me, the Undeniable Truth of this remarkable uncomplicated formulation in which we witness its birth and try to make sense of its genesis. Kotch Magazine.

Having said that, WE must remind ourselves again and again, to try not to make sense of love for even given this understanding, quintessentially it seems futile. It is an emotion, made from action that seems senseless, yet is sense-filled in ways that courses through us without us knowing the fullness of its existence.

It is in its acceptance that its very reason unfolds. Created it in its purest form, it must then be recreated likewise. We have to constantly remind ourselves to Love with everything in our power to LOVE… blindly, faithfully and eternally and without questions as to its origin, determination, or destination, but yet trusting in that which we cannot define, nor can we deny.

In this senseless existence, where the senseless can often appear as fear and as evil, LOVE sheds light on all our senselessness, to manifest itself in this world bundled with havoc, to keep us safe from all that can harm us, by loving us and giving us what we need, in-order to prosper through the love we can create within ourselves and in the love created for and by others, that binds us in our sharing of it. Visit us at.

There is no greater sense that comes alive in us than Love. Love is the existence of all that is senseless that makes some semblance sense.

Love Senselessly! Love because it is the breath, breathed into you. Breathe it into everything you do, with the faith that you are giving it all from your past to your future!

I have met evil, I have seen it, lived it, and I have whispered its name. I am even guilty of creating it …… and yet…. I know “The PROMISE!” I know the eternal … the DNA of what made me ……FOR I AM …. LOVE.

Rumi says “Love rests on no foundation. It is an endless ocean, with no beginning or end. Imagine, a suspended ocean, riding on a cushion of ancient secrets. All souls have drowned in it, and now dwell there. One drop of that ocean is hope, and the rest is fear.”

Henri Almanza


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