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“Seek to drain every moment of pain and triumph into your own reservoir of creativity” – MARLENE DALEY

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“I heard you call while wondering through the darkness I’d walked a million miles to find that endless voice That speaks to me while I am in temptation, echoing my choice Then He said, seek ye shall find, I’ve been with you through all time” – Third World


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KOTCH is an on-line magazine dedicated to highlighting culture, arts, fashion, environment, non-partisan politics and the high accomplishments of people of the Caribbean at home and abroad.


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The objective of the magazine is to celebrate transformation, progress and achievements that are authored by  our Caribbean neighbors. The magazine aims to inspire Caribbean nationals, particularly young readers, by architecting iconographic portraits of nationals both historical and contemporary, and incorporate these portraits as part of popular culture. This will be a core theme of the magazine but we will also have a cultural exchange segment that allows for our exposure to the most exotic places on earth.

Cocoa may help diabetes & heart failure

As holistic and alternative medical practitioners continue their research to find nature’s remedy to various ailments, it becomes more astonishing that we have lived with an abundance of these plants, often right under our nose, especially those of us who live in more tropical climes.   U.S. researchers have found that patients with advanced heart failure and type 2 Diabetes showed improvement after three months of consuming epicatechin enriched cocoa. Cocoa as we all know is derived from the plant of the same name.   Dr. Francisco J. Villarreal of University of California, San Diego, confirmed that epicatechin is a flavonoid found in dark chocolate.   “The researchers examined five extremely ill patients with major damage to the skeletal muscle mitochondria, which are the structures responsible for most of the energy produced in cells. These “fuel cells” were dysfunctional as a result of both type 2 diabetes and heart failure,

Psychic Diagnostician – Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945)

Dr. Brian Weiss, author of the book, “Many Lives, Many Masters,” comes to mind readily when one thinks of “Past Life Regression therapy.”  Currently hailed as the godfather of that school of thought, Weiss comes with intrigue. He was not the traditional minded guru who cultivated spatial mind exercises to allow for heralding the spirit of man, nor did he meditate or astral travel to find his center. Rather, some may see it as a divinely bestowed gift, since it presented itself to him in his office, through two patients/clients who were given equal recognition in his book because of their obviously intertwined incarnations. It was through his work in hypnotherapy that he chanced upon this phenomenon of past life experience. His patients, totally unaware and having never met, had shared a previous life as father and daughter which came to a tragic end when the father died from war


Long after the conundrum of murder, mayhem, and the seemingly drawn out psychological expanse of time to the “Nine Night,” (the cultural culmination of mourning of close knit family and friends), the heart remains painfully expanded and heavily laden, beating without volition in the breast of those who in the moment, might have offered their life as a sacrifice for those so deeply loved. It leaves a void too deep and personal to be truly felt by anyone else but those so riveted in such moments in time. It is never as simple as emotions emanating from even those who know loss, since degrees and threshold vary and time begins to heal, albeit slowly. With peripheral vision blurred and focus becoming transfixed in singularity of grief and suffering, the processing of effects and repercussions on the wider community is often overlooked. As a result and in direct proportion to Jamaica’s


It wasn’t me. It was he, my friend, who voluntarily elucidated a quote from Plato, which raised the question and left it hanging in abeyance for thought and answer. He, like Plato, believes that platonic love is the highest and purest form of love. I think not, unless the comparison is with eros love only. Implicit in the fact that the rate of divorce in America is around 50 percent, is the evidence that people fall in love with the concept of love, the convenience or benefits, and a lot comes under that umbrella. From color, prestige, a love that’s not too overwhelming, (yes, people have been known to run from that too, because they feel it makes them lose control – a sort of discomforting hallucinogenic drunkenness which is hard to fathom or handle), to wealth, affluence or plain sexual desire. This love is never grounded in the kind


OPRAH: What do you think happens when you die? ME: I will relinquish my body and my spirit will merge, as though it was never broken, with the oneness of God. I believe my school of thought and creativity will be archived somewhere in the Superior Consciousness, much like the genius of Mozart, Einstein, Bob Marley, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson and other extraordinary folk who braved this existence to express God, have their own space. This work could become a resource for some other like me, on the cusp of cosmic consciousness, who seek guidance, instruction or restitution at some point through physical existence. I may even enter another school of preparedness for reincarnation as a means of completing the necessary number of life cycles. OPRAH: What do you know for sure? ME: That God dwells in every facet of nature including creativity, that my presence is symbolic of


Jamaica is an enigma. On the one hand, as a small island state in the Caribbean Sea, it is the one hundred and sixty eighth smallest state in a world in which scale matters, yet it has global recognition on par with the leading dominant states in the world. When it comes to global recognition, countries, like corporations, are recognized by their logo or branding. The United States for example is branded by the stripes and stars, the Statue of Liberty, its military power, and its cultural and human capital. Great Britain is recognized for its imperial past and the monarchy; France for the romanticism of Paris and its cuisines. Italy is recognized for its architecture, its landscape and the Vatican, and Japan for its remarkable rebuilding after its devastation in the Second World War. Among Caribbean island states, Jamaica is equal in global recognition as the aforementioned countries. Like


Since apologizing for his contribution to debunking the medicinal use of weed in August 2013, with claims of not carefully reviewing scientific data and lack of his own research, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, journalist, neurosurgeon, media personality etc. has now moved into the same hall of recognition as Christopher Columbus. The former has now discovered that weed may not be as harmful as previously thought and indeed should not have been classified as a Schedule 1 drug. Dr. Gupta’s statement reads: “We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in it.” No doubt Dr. Gupta’s apology has been well received by those countries that have been deeply involved in continuing scientific research of the medical benefits of the weed. He would have done well to ask any layman on the streets of Jamaica about the effects of

We are all attempting to manifest the Christ Consciousness in the earth

—Edgar Cayce


To feed the mind of our youth with the breadth and scope of possibilities within and beyond our shores and to foster the achievement of deeper dreams and aspirations


To promote spiritual awareness, social innovation and critical cultural reflection



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These include Marlene Daley, Writer and Publisher of the autobiography “a 3rd World Awakening,” Dr. Annette Riley – Columbia SC, (Ex President of the Jamaica Dental Assoc.), Kirk Atkinson – Toronto (Professor of Law, York University), Donna Combs DD/Meta-physician – Atlanta, Alan Leigh – Atlanta, Writer and Publisher of “The Secret Code of The Scrolls & The 7 Seals,” among others
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