Systemic racism which covertly underpins democracy in America, and conveniently enables the continuous “sucking the blood of sufferers,” was never enough for an imperialist ideology that has held sway in America since its convergence, post-slavery, and the current deliberate attempts to disrupt Affirmative Action, to effect an erosion of life’s progression and development for the disenfranchised in America confirms this.

Given the phenomenal achievements in growth in economics and financial wellbeing, albeit marginal, the great number of Black college graduates with Ivy League among them, and the growing population of colored people in America, what would the best case scenario look like if there were a coalition of Blacks rising to the cause of a seemingly endless pursuit of true redemption?

It is imperative to address this question since the current situation beckons a reminder that the sacrifices made by our forefathers for our freedom were profound and Blacks must stand steadfast to ensure that there is no erosion of that which has been attained so far.

Our forebears etched a timeless legacy that continues to inspire us today. In the crucible of revolution, they battled against oppression and tyranny, their hearts ablaze with an unwavering desire for liberty and their heads high even in the face of death by lynching. They, like us, were faced with a calibre of man who embraced a God that allowed acceptance of All his creations and All species of life, except the Black race.

They were left no choice but to brave the perils of the “middle passage” and the Transatlantic Trade, traveling as cargo, and giving their lives and security to an untold future, armed with nothing but faith, prayers, and fortitude, that freedom would be found one day… if they and future generations stayed the course.

From the blood-stained fields of lynching to the prison cells that hold “them” captive up to now, they never wavered in their commitment to the cause. Their sacrifice was not just a fleeting moment in history but an enduring testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the unyielding pursuit of self-determination.

With every breath they took, our forefathers stood up to the test of their sacred honor, in pursuit of a vision that lived only inside their minds and only they knew best. They fought for their God-given existence and stood strong in their unwavering belief, that freedom was an inalienable right.

In the face of adversity, they built a nation from the ground up, drawing upon their unyielding resolve and the courage to forge a new path. They endured the hardships of scarce resources, brutal winters, and the uncertainty of an uncertain future. Their sacrifices echoed through time, inspiring subsequent generations to fight for justice, equality, and the unshakeable belief that all individuals possess inherent rights that must be protected at all costs. The sacrifices of our forefathers remind us that freedom is a priceless gift, passed down to us through their unwavering dedication and boundless determination.

It leads one to ponder hypothetical thoughts of a broadening Black Coalition, hell-bent on the Black man’s redemption, of each individual rising to address the disparities faced by marginalized communities in America, by continuing to establish banks, founding colleges, supporting owned industries and instilling pride of purpose in Black support.

Several positive outcomes could potentially emerge. Here’s a description of what the best-case scenario might look like:

Economic empowerment: The coalition establishes community-owned banks and financial institutions that prioritize lending without draconian interests to individuals and businesses from marginalized backgrounds. These institutions would provide access to capital, promote entrepreneurship, and foster economic growth within underprivileged communities.

Educational opportunities: The coalition establishes colleges and universities dedicated to providing high-quality education to students from marginalized communities. These institutions would of course focus on providing scholarships, mentorship programs, and supportive resources to ensure that students have equal access to quality education and can excel in their chosen fields.

Workforce development: The coalition creates vocational training programs, apprenticeships, and job placement initiatives that specifically target individuals from underprivileged backgrounds. These programs would equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to secure high-paying and influential positions in various industries, thereby narrowing the wealth and opportunity gaps.

Entrepreneurship and business support: The coalition offers comprehensive support for aspiring Black entrepreneurs, including mentorship, networking opportunities, funding, and business incubators. This would foster a thriving ecosystem of Black-owned businesses, contributing to job creation, economic growth, and increased representation within industries.

Political representation: The coalition actively encourages and supports Black individuals to engage in politics at all levels, including running for office, advocating for policy changes, and participating in decision-making processes. This increased political representation would enable the coalition to influence policy outcomes that address systemic disparities and promote social justice. African History.

Social and cultural empowerment: The coalition promotes cultural awareness, inclusivity, and appreciation for diversity through various initiatives, such as arts programs, community events, and media representation. This would contribute to a more equitable and understanding society that celebrates and values the contributions of all its members.

Collaborative alliances: The coalition forms alliances and partnerships with other marginalized communities, as well as with organizations and individuals dedicated to social justice and equality. This broadens their impact and allows for collective action on a larger scale, amplifying their efforts to combat systemic discrimination.

By pursuing these initiatives, the coalition of Black individuals could foster significant progress in addressing the disparities faced by marginalized communities. This best-case scenario would result in increased economic prosperity, improved access to education and opportunities, enhanced political representation, and a more inclusive and equitable society overall. Visit us at.


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