Atheism: The Other Side of The Coin

Atheists are never seekers of Divine Truth as they come preemptively locked in a belief system… that God does not exist. This is held as ultimate truth and one would be hard put to find a spiritually aware individual who could not handle their honesty. This truth, for some traditional Christians, drives a deeper understanding, respect, belief and acceptance of individuals of Atheistic doctrine, even more so than for others, of contemporary Christian faith.  

Denouncing God, and by extension religion, bares no hypocrisy since such belief is borne of “blind faith.” Some hold that Fideism in the face of profound truth, should be more grounded in the human psyche than a burning desire to traverse the wider chasm of the mind…searching for the unknown Spirit that theists of the Western World, call God. 

Christian belief is garnered through cultural indoctrination, intellectual understanding, repetition and regurgitation. It’s rooted, for the most part, in stretched fables, built on contrived theology which was deliberately warped for self serving reasons, rather than a firsthand experiential knowledge of the Divine, through a deeper conscious awareness of life and miracles. 

The difference is clear that strait-laced Christians tend to be more gullible, and their fanaticism runs so deep that it disavows other cultural beliefs and practices, casting doubt and aspersions on differing denominations as well as on the numerous Avatars, whom, like Jesus, came shrouded in flesh for continuation and growth in instilling faith, belief and purpose in an otherwise seemingly unfathomable, Divine Spiritual Deity.  

Some refuse to accept that the quintessential teaching of the One God is the same in all true religions, and that, no one should claim complete truth or belief in anything of the spiritual realm without  “personal experience,” which relatively few can attest to having had.  

But for atheists to say “faith is evil,” underscores evidence of a limiting mindset where they have created – a psychological ceiling to thought and possibilities – which are in fact boundless. It is impossible to encapsulate spirit, and Faith in God must start with belief which grows through awakened awareness and the undertaking of mental travel or transcendental meditation, that takes one to a higher plane of consciousness and existence.  

There is now an escalation of growth in spiritual “evidence” resulting in faith! People are fast becoming more attuned to self and life, and consciously committing ethereal experiences to memory, the lack of which might have caused spiritual obscurity or enlightenment.   

God is the force that mobilizes us, and it is an inability to recognize, tap into or connect with this realm of our existence that impedes our spiritual growth and empowerment! Spiritual awareness and the power of faith and miracles are real! They are as real to “spiritual aspirants” as is the vacancy which resides in the mind of disbelievers.  

The Black man’s teaching, discipline and understanding of existence through mysticism and religiosity have been handed down over centuries. Though we accept that much of the Bible was contrived, as is clearly evident at the beginning of Genesis… and though we accept that its most powerful purpose continues to be the fattening of the pockets of clergy… (especially given the little that has been written on the life and teaching of Christ)… and though we believe that it was adversely written using our engrained, profound belief system as weakness to justify brain washing and usurping our power, through dehumanization and colonization of the Black man primarily… and though we are extremely aware of the atrocities meted out to us through the raping and ostracizing of our nations and people… we, the descendants, remain steadfastly aware through spiritual understanding, that we erred in allowing our meekness to be used against us.  

All of this was accepted because we trusted those from whom this knowledge was shared, notwithstanding the contradictions with which it came. We now know with certainty that our primary purpose here is TO EXPRESS GOD. 

As with atheists, it would serve us well to remember that many are called, but few are chosen. 

Marlene Daley
Producer & Visionary
Kotch Magazine 

 Disclaimer: This post is not intended to indoctrinate anyone. Getting to know is part of the journey of this experiential existence and lack of belief ought not to be the preferred position for the beginning of any journey that’s embarked on in seeking. This is just meant to underscore that Religion too has its positive purpose and Nirvana, though it may not be attained in this lifetime, is not necessarily the path for everyone, for surely then, “we could close the curtains and call the play over.” 

Marlene Daley
Marlene Daley
Founder & Producer of KotchMagazine,com, Belovedones.Love and Kotch.Media


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