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It is always interesting to listen to each individual’s delivery on spirituality, “consciousness and presence”, the various avenues through which one can seek self fulfillment, and the necessary shifting of one’s mentality to accommodate the emergence of the “new being”. However, these suggestions remain elusive to many who have fought hard in striving to achieve this. While I am convinced of the thought from which all ideas flow, seeds bear fruit, or conceived visions manifest, it becomes difficult when we begin to look at the parallels. It is certainly not due to lack of ambition or effort that the millions of people who continue to seek out a better life have not found it, despite some having paid handsomely to even walk across flaming coals as living proof of the power of the mind.

It may lead one to think; might the clues be something lost in childhood? I am convinced that children’s awareness of who they are and their purpose rear its head somewhere during the formative years, and that it may be the inability of parent/s to read or interpret the signs, coupled with, possibly an inability to follow through on the prompts of this awareness, that leaves individuals falling short of realizing their highest purpose. Though these observations are not etched in stone or borne of research findings, they have been gleaned over many years of discussions on the subject.

Those tender years are few in comparison and can become lost or deeply suppressed as the child is taken through the  whirlwind of life and preparation. But there are other questions, because life is not a drab open shut case and these realizations can come, or come back later in life as well. Could one lose sight of purpose due to those choices based on family expectations rather than those which call closer to home? Could it be that we need to adopt a mentality of each one teach one or is it that the journey, invariably rugged, especially for those who may have sought and not found help along the way, has given rise to the need to close the door to all others, and has left the cycle from being lost in transition – a plight through adversity, as we seek to find safe harbor?

I have maintained this uncanny thought that we are manifestations of the one God through which he/she expresses him/herself and that we are part or party to the grand scheme of life, sufficiently shrouded to enable great pains through our search to finding Him within or without us and in so doing – our higher purpose.

Eckhart Tolle brings another dimension to this thought process regarding trust, patience and those affirmations that we paste within clear view as we transition. My interpretation of this is that he believes they are unnecessary and this cannot be refuted against the truth that he presents in; no sign posts are needed upon arrival. But while this is true for me because I use the power of thought, I wonder what should it leave others to think? Should it be that within every given moment we are there, or do we push through thoughtlessly in this regard?

The one thing I know for sure is that our deepest calling or the nuggets to enhance our achievements in creativity, are often found along life’s roughest terrains and faith is sometimes our only motivation. If for no other reason, the sign posts make perfect sense for those who need them.

Marlene Daley  has authored 2 books: Spiritual Prose, Quotes & Notes and A 3rd World Awakening, both available here at

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