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Dear Marlene:


I had the opportunity to look at your website last night, which of course led me to read about your book(s) on Amazon. Oh Marlene, you are such a fascinating woman and I am remiss I didn’t have the opportunity to get to know you better.

Transformation and spiritual progress (not perfection) are inherent themes in my life today. I definitely experienced struggles of my own and have only recently realized that the awareness I have today has only been captured because I can try and understand, embrace the darkness and accept all of it in order to allow me to be a better version of myself today.

I very much love the below quote. This morning I heard through the grapevine you are leaving us and I am quite sad. I’ll look forward to hearing about your future successes via your website. I wish you only the best…

“I have had no greater moments in life than my “aloneness,” the ability to hear silence, to embrace yet a few sporadic whispers and to travel through my own thoughts.” MARLENE DALEY

Carlin Brochstein
Team Lead – Professional Inside Sales Specialist
TMS Health A Xerox Company

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