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West of the Pillars of Hercules before 10,000 B.C. Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands region is where one of the Islands of Atlantis The Lost Continent was located. In the ancient past Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands being one of the Islands of Atlantis, was part of a highly advanced sophisticated civilization, with technology that would even surpass that which we have now.

Before 10,000 B.C. Atlantis was an enchanted race of gifted and highly intelligent beings. Many cultures within their recorded history have references to the Great Island Continent of Atlantis where Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands now rest.

Plato told the story of Atlantis from certain 200-year-old records of the Greek ruler Solon, who, in turn, heard the story of this Island from the Egyptian priest, in the Temples of Egypt.

The Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), stated that the partly drowned remnants of one of the islands that the Atlanteans emigrated to, after the main continent of Atlantis began to suffer, was Jamaica. Cayce made it clear that Atlantis was at once, both the center and the ruler of the ancient world.

Sitting in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantis had easy access to both the eastern and the western hemispheres. Cayce believed that the Caribbean was once a major center of Atlantean habitation, including the controversial “Bimini Road”, that was found in 1968 near the island of Bimini, an area which Cayce identified as the place where many Atlanteans fled after the first destruction before 10,000 B.C.

In Atlantis, crystal technology was used for energy transmitters that could change electricity into physical vibration. Atlanteans were also able to change electricity to the opposite vibration and create lasers.

Atlantean crystal technology is still felt in the Caribbean today at the Bermuda Triangle. These electrical anomalies are a result of the powerful transmitting properties of crystals. Using specifically designed quartz crystals to heal people, Atlanteans used very sophisticated technology designed to specific parameters. For vibratory function each one of their machines had a specific tool.

Through biological sensors of our six senses, these amazing devices were used in Atlantis, not only to heal but to develop the body and mind to its maximum potential. Modern scientists have rediscovered some of these machines such as the use of x-rays on film and brain scans. Vibration to our sense of sight from T.V. and hearing that’s not perceived by cell phones and other technology are frequencies of vibration carried by crystal technology today.

The destructive effects were however brought on by the wars of the children of Belial, against the Sons of the “Law of One.” This was around the beginning of the Ice Age, before 10,000 B.C, when most of this area was above water. At this time the islands of Jamaica and the Caribbean, along with Cuba, were all part of a larger land mass that was connected with Central America via the Yucatan Peninsula, along with North and South America.

During the Ice Age, the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico stretched out nearly to Cuba, which was a larger island than it is today, and the Key West chain of islands was a land bridge that stretched almost to the northern coast of Cuba.

A long mass of land, with only two or three breaks for rivers, ran from Jamaica, across what are now the Lesser Antilles Islands and continued all the way to Venezuela. Atlanteans thrived in all these areas.

The most illustrious Secret Knowledge of antiquity attests to the Universal Wisdom of Atlantis.

The majority of survivors from Atlantis did pass down their traditional knowledge in Secret Doctrines of the Mysteries that directly fathered the modern-day Masonic and Rosicrucian Orders.

Through the Law of One, Jamaica, the Caribbean Islands and the whole world of Atlantis would begin to rise again in this Modern Era. This rise will manifest through the rise of consciousness of its people and the Secret Knowledge coming to the New Age starting in 2012.

Hermes Alan Leigh is the writer of “The Secret Code of the Scrolls and the Seven Seals.”

He can be reached at concept4marketing@gmail.com.

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