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“New York Port authority head tests positive as the number of infected globally rises over 110,000“ – “School canceled, health officials issue stern warning to Missouri family that broke coronavirus quarantine” – “Republicans Self-Quarantine After Interacting With Coronavirus Patient At CPAC” – “Stocks on Track for Worst Drop Since 2008” – “Shares of oil companies and banks are cratering,” are just a few of the news headlines that greet the global population every day now, and given the speed of infection, the data changes accordingly. One can only hope that the proactive measures can contain the spread. Of note is that though this virus is alleged to have started in Wuhan, China, the highest death rate is in the United States of America. states that, “The death rate from the new coronavirus is higher in the US so far than anywhere else in the world. The rate, a basic calculation that divides the number of known deaths by the total number of confirmed cases, was about 6% in the US as of Friday morning. Fourteen Americans have died out of less than 250 confirmed cases,” and though out of a global population of 7.53 Billion only 3,386 have died to date (3/9/2020), the major capitals of the world continue to run down the road proclaiming a pandemic and creating hysteria that will impact political campaigns, schools, churches, cruise ships, airlines, other means of public transport, the stock market, along with the suggested social distancing which are all spiraling to a grinding halt. The untold effects on plunging markets, profitability for businesses and possibly disruption of basic income, are left to be seen. For starters, it has been projected that the airlines could lose up to $113 Billion in revenue due to this outbreak.

The White House acted unilaterally and contrary to The World Health Organization’s council in jumping the gun with its forecast but it is now proven that the call was warranted. The ensuing horror stories like the ship quarantined off the coast of California waiting for approval on somewhere to dock not only adds to increasing fears but is a prediction of a nightmare of stupendous proportions.

By now, everyone across the globe knows that the individuals most affected are people over the age of 60, with low immunity systems and pre-existing bronchial conditions. As the world’s most outstanding expert on coronavirus Dr. Gabriel Leon believes, a “little bit” of anxiety is positive motivation for all to take precautions, but with his forecast of no cure in site over the short term, the hysteria may be worse than the case. Italy has now extended its quarantine to the entire country mandating that residents must stay at home.

Interestingly, it is being labeled a “scientific experiment” or “manufactured crisis” by some skeptics, but has it been deliberately timed to thwart campaigns for the impending elections, as is being proffered? There is cause to ponder on such a reality possibly backfiring.

“Create a problem, provide the solution and win the election,” is the tout, but what an absurd viewpoint? If at all possible, this would not be our POTUS strategy since he already has the support of America’s electorate.

60 Minutes Australia should dispel any doubts or rumors about the origin of Coronavirus or COVID-19. This program should be of interest to you even though it implies that, as always, the poor will be the hardest hit.


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