GEORGE FLOYD (12/21/1960 – 5/25/2020)


GEORGE FLOYD may best be remembered and immortalized from the gleeful momentary expression of his 6 year old daughter whose reality of her father’s death had yet to sink in. For all we know her thoughts might have been that Daddy went away for a while and will return soon, but while looking over the great crowd from sitting atop the shoulders of his best friend Stephen Jackson, she shouted in her small voice, “My daddy changed the world.”


One might also be inclined to believe that at such a tender age she was able to look beyond death and see the colossal purpose for the snuffing out of her father’s life by a police officer, paid from the public purse to serve and protect, while seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was staring straight into the camera with his hand in his pocket while being videotaped, as it were, propped on one knee while the other was used to consistently and determinedly pump the life out of Floyd, lying on his belly, handcuffed behind his back, blood running from his nose and urine flowing from under the car from which he was pinned down shouting with his last breath, I CAN’T BREATHE, while his three cronies watched without remorse and failed to lend a helping hand to the man that was being murdered before their very eyes.


The emboldened great crowds that converged in protests across the United States and countries across the globe signified another reality. It was the unification of millions of impassioned, unrelenting voices, crying from the pit of heart and soul in making a loud statement that in this, the twenty first century, it is time for the awakening of the senses and intellect of the powers that be, to the fact that the Black man is not, and was never the half human that they were envisaged to be, that BLACK LIVES MATTER, and that we are one human species under God.

It was a crucifixion, in implication and purpose, like no other. Not like Jesus’ crucifixion which saw a relative sprinkling of people in Jerusalem who witnessed him being nailed to the cross, but a crucifixion nonetheless in essence, meaning, “It was not an accident of history but an event at the heart of God’s plan to reconcile humanity to Himself…”

There are those who believe that the crucifixion of Christ was a timeless piece of mythology, and they can’t be blamed for their truth, because beyond trust and faith, experience is our only true teacher.

George Floyd’s death goes without question. Within minutes, 13 million people from around the world watched in live and living unadulterated color as his life was being deliberately taken by police officer Derek Chauvin, evidently pumping his knee relentlessly in his neck, for a clear 3 minutes more, after there was no sign of a pulse.

Paris – The Signs of the Cross

I hear screams of blasphemy, but it was Jesus who said, “Anyone who has faith in me, shall do greater things than I…” Even so-called Christians should be aware that God dwells in everything in nature that lives and breathes. Floyd went without resistance. He went like a lamb to the slaughter, calling out for his dead mother, who was no doubt there to receive him in his final moments of transition.


Systemic racism has plagued many parts of the world for centuries but these words from America’s national anthem which was penned by Francis Scott Key – THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE – not only belies the core of America’s Constitution, but has dashed all preconceptions of America being a beacon of hope and opportunity. America has proved time and again, what it is truly like to live in a country which would have preferred to see Blacks as a stymied people living forever in servitude. BLACK LIVES MATTER has now come to hold America accountable for the atrocities suffered by Black people, desensitized by fear and numbed to their own sense of reality and power.


The racist Whites in America need to be reminded that the Black man’s voice of oppression and method of retaliation was taught by them as this was their experience with Black Wall Street from way back in 1921.

Today’s reality has now come full circle with the alleged resurgence of overt lynching, to add insult to injury. Black people have long gone concluded that the “white hood” has been swapped out, replaced by the police uniform that now gives license for deliberate targeting of Blacks, brutality, incarceration for petty reasons and wanton inhumane killing of those who have already been disenfranchised, underprivileged and marginalized. The police now seem to have an insatiable appetite for murder, supported by a flourishing penal capitalist micro system bent on “stock” acquisition for cheap labor and by so doing, has caused the demasculinization and dehumanization of this sector of the population. Visit us at.


Well, God doesn’t like ugly and so He sent his own begotten son in the name and image of George Floyd, to be sacrificed in broad daylight for the entire world to see the horrors that comes with living in a country with a police force that is absolutely counterproductive and that continues to profit from having the largest number of prisoners on the planet.


And, it was written in Romans 12:19 (King James Version) Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord. The time has come for such vengeance because there’s nothing that physical man can do, without faith, to appease 400 years of extreme suffering.

Marlene Daley
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Marlene Daley
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