FEAR – Marlene Daley

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It is pretty much a foregone conclusion, that deep seated fears are man’s biggest stumbling blocks to achieving his highest calling. In close succession, is having the vision and ambition yet failing to do the work that is necessary for ultimate success. By not doing the work I mean, an unwillingness to accept the initial small but painful steps of progress which ultimately leads to success.

Accepting one’s limitations and being open to inner guidance and learning are great ways to start on the road of progress. Coming to terms with fear by facing and examining the reasons will act as a wakeup call to reality and motivation. Time spent in reflection should be extremely limited as it can upend more desirous moves in progression.

Fear beckons thoughts of lack of achievement. It calls attention to knowing, that psychologically set deadlines to achievement are not being met and if this is viewed negatively, can serve to stump or impede progress rather than being used to push the boundaries toward manifesting inner vision. Fear creates a void that can either be filled with negative thoughts or determined steps to move beyond it. A sense of a deeper purpose to “being” is always helpful along this journey called life.

Mooji states that: “You all know the sense of being. Without practicing anything, all beings naturally refer to themselves as ‘I’.

I am or I exist. ‘Am’ means to exist, to be. Who is the ‘I’ that am… or the ‘I’ that exists? The sense of existence is naturally present within you and feels universally comfortable for all beings. It is there at the beginning of perception and functions during the waking state as the witness and observer of all that appears phenomenally and has meaning for the sense ‘I am’.

This feeling, ‘I am’, ‘I exist’, is the natural untaught way by which we recognize our existence.”

No one comes into this existence without purpose, though some may be negative, and life makes provisions for all expressions, is a belief held by some spiritualists. Internal search or introspection could take us to the core of our being, namely, our Source. This may mean self-discovery for some seekers, but certainly it is the wise “center” of self from which comes the answer to all our deepest probing questions, despite our ability for intellectual rationalization. It is the quintessential commander of the purpose of life and it guides or restates our instructions on what is needed for our highest achievements. Being aware of the “I am” will arise and bring an expansion that enables moving mountains. In understanding this, one will quickly come to terms with the fact that truth and self-discovery is the easiest path to self-fulfillment.

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