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This topic is always up for discussion. There is no simple way of approaching or discussing love, except for self. The notion of falling in love as the way to completion has been a long standing belief that has impacted us through culture. Loving, as passed on to us, is simply finding an appendage that fills the need in those moments when we seek to find the whole or for strength in weakness. I have often thought about the cultures where one’s husband or wife is selected, sometimes from birth, and it leads me to think that those decisions, derived from a base of pure commitment, are more meaningful, lasting and true.

You see, what I have come to understand, that which is sometimes referred to as “the matrix” or chemistry, which can be felt across a room, is the foundation upon which we seek to build this love. But it is fluid, it changes at will and as the nature of man grows and changes needs are shifted to other areas and these needs can become totally out of sync with that which our partner was able to provide. One then finds that they are locked into a union that now seems self debasing in the face of growth and truth “in real time.”

Eckhart Tolle speaks the truth. Wholesome love comes through completeness. No one should be saddled with the responsibility for the completeness of another. Certainly not after tying the knot “in the moment” then finding when the dust settles that all achievements must be shared, that it costs an arm and leg to do so and especially when the relationship was lopsided from the beginning.

The Bible’s reference to equally yoked is left to be explored……….

Marlene Daley      https://kotchmagazine.com/

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