I presume the website is one of the most comprehensive tracker of global population growth on the web and the most trustworthy in numbers. Their clock ticks endlessly. To date the global population stands at just under 7.5 Billion and this from all other credible sources, while life expectancy has been on the rise peaking in Japan at 83.10 years.  While this bit of data is comforting for many, the other side of the coin reveals that 21,000 people die daily as a result of hunger or hunger related causes – per information confirmed by the United Nations. This number amounts to one person dying every four seconds from hunger. Though it may be hard put for charity organizations to reach people in remote areas, it is noteworthy that there is more than enough food to go around in many countries to alleviate hunger, where people, especially children, are dying. In fact, there is enough food being produced to feed 10 Billion people. Back home in America, hunger coupled with what has been categorized as “food insecurity” (the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food), accounted for 45 million Americans in this predicament in 2010. The inevitable inequitable distribution of wealth comes to mind immediately in any such discussion but so too should the lack of employment opportunities, sometimes due to various disabilities. But for whatever reason, it never cease to amaze me that in the face of this, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,

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It never fails to bring a smile to my face as I watch my dearly beloved people post sunsets on social media as if it rises and sets in its magnificent beauty only over the island of Jamaica. While it is imperative for us to do all we can to promote our little slice of paradise we should soon get around to accepting that the shape and geographical beauty of our hills, its contours, valleys and the beauty of our people are the only features on a physical level that are still unique and outstanding about the island. While some may not agree, if you think about it, our culture is just as indigenous as any other. Reggae can be enjoyed in any corner of the world, oxtail, salt fish and ackee can be prepared wherever you choose to have it and the Rasta culture with its proclaimed consciousness can be found everywhere on the planet as well. It has been 178 years since the Emancipation of Slavery in Jamaica and 54 years since Jamaica gained independence from Britain. Can we now truly, after half a century, hold Britain responsible for our lackluster economic performance, the untapped wealth of creativity within our people or our failure to exploit and use our own resources ahead of the rest of world? We have sat back and watched as individuals from other countries capitalize on our creative ideas despite having geniuses within our midst. History will show that we have struggled with the

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WHAT IS LOVE? – Marlene Daley

  WHAT IS LOVE? – Marlene Daley The Rachel Roy and Beyonce saga has brought back love, its concept and definition to the forefront of the mind of many, again, and the numerous answers that I am looking for continue to evade me. Is love that initial chemistry that is probably more a sexual attraction for copulation? Is it the more intense feeling, otherwise called the matrix? Is it purely the vibrations that can be felt across a room that signals familiarity from a past life? Is it that those men who are able to take the first look at a woman and say, “that’s my wife,” have had some longstanding mental image of her that makes her automatically identifiable? Is it an emotion that grows out of platonic relationships after being nurtured? Can it spring from those marriages little known to the West where parents choose spouses from a tender age? Is the initial attraction facial, busty, figure, hair, profession, financial needs, academic qualifications, color, opportunity, comfort, kindness or timely? And what should really be expected of the commitment of marriage? Should it last a lifetime because of uttered words or a solemn promise? Can “I do” sustain it or does “I do” become a life sentence for some? Should it be a compromise that will somehow erode one’s sense of self or create the tides that keep one afloat through periods of love’s elusive tendencies? In 1982 when Kenny Rogers released “Through the Years” and maturity had not

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“OLD WOMAN SMELL?” – Marlene Daley

  Vaginal PH is prone to be imbalanced periodically, often reoccurring over many years with different symptoms, but truly becomes a nuisance post menopause. It is really offensive, smelly and unpleasant. There is a rule of thumb that says, “People smell us before we smell ourselves.” If this is true one is inclined to run far and fast upon getting a whiff of this fishy smelling discharge. It has been suggested that there is a time, post menopause, when the brain signals period, but gently oozes the grey discharge. “Old woman smell,” is a figure of speech used in some cultures, but has less to do with age than bacterial vaginosis which occurs more frequently at that time. Bacterial Vaginosis can occur as early as during teenage years. Studies have shown that it happens more frequently in teenagers or women who have or have had more than one sex partner, but it is not unusual to happen in women who are not sexually active. Bacterial vaginosis or BV as it is known is the most common vaginal infection found in women. It is caused by an overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria (meaning: it doesn’t need oxygen to grow), and an organism called gardnerella vaginalis. Small amounts of these anaerobic bacteria and gardnerella can normally be found in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when the balance of organisms in the vagina is upset and this allows anaerobic bacteria to overgrow. The good, protective bacteria, lactobacilli are then outnumbered and not able to

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His name is known to many around the globe and his books sold in such great numbers that they are seconded only to the Bible, but for what on the surface appears to be predictions of only doom and gloom the life and work of Nostradamus has been largely left shrouded in its cloud of secret codes and mysticism to which skeptics have either paid scant regard or have closed their doors to his prophesies. What struck me recently however, was the caliber of people who form an integral part of The Nostradamus Society of America, and are deeply dedicated to continuous research and interpretation of his work. John Hogue for example, has spent 30 years in research, study and interpretation of Nostradamus’ Quatrains along with the metaphysician and writer Scarlette Ross and Peter Lemesurier, an ardent Nostradamus Scholar. These are just a few among many remarkable individuals who are methodically and conscientiously devoted to deciphering and building the bridge to a deeper and more insightful understanding of his body of work, steeped in metaphors. Born in the South of France in 1503, Michel de Nostradame known as Nostradamus was expelled from high school because he dabbled in apothecary; an ancient way of making drugs that were meant to be a cure all for ailments but which many found did nothing beyond relieving pain. The practice of apothecary was considered a manual trade and this cast doubts on Nostradamus being serious about becoming a scholar. He eventually became a doctor.

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The local sugar sector of Guyana which has been ailing for quite some time now has reached the most critical cross road in its history which spans at least three hundred years when the Dutch and later British colonists introduced this crop to the shores of the country. This sector has played a very historic role in the evolution of contemporary Guyanese society as its demands for labour fuelled the dreaded Atlantic slave trade, the importation of Portugese, Chinese and East Indian indentured labour.   There was even at one point a short-lived colony of some Germans from Mecklenburg Schwerin – most of whom perished due to malaria and other tropical ailments. The sugar sector also played a pivotal role in the fight for political independence therein pitting the interests of organised labour against those of the plantocracy and in the process getting the sugar worker’s vote was considered critical in winning any election in Guyana so this critical mass evolved in that of ‘a sacred cow’ so to speak. The fortunes of the local sugar sector have changed from a once guaranteed market in the EU under the various trade schemes such as the Cotonou & Lome Agreements.  Regrettably, Guyana failed like so many other Third World nations to see the proverbial ‘writings on the wall’ by taking cognisance of the fact that the industry, market conditions and the global dynamics of the commodities sector had changed drastically. In the historic narrative it is therefore incumbent upon me to point

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