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When William Shakespeare said “Music is the food of love,” I think he was remiss in not adding “….and life.” It brings moral fortitude, psychological distraction from adversity, and hope and inspiration for many of those so deprived. I have seen many letters from prisoners attesting to this and so I am inclined to think that those opposing Lisa Hana’s viewpoint on deplorable musical lyrics, as clearly stated in the JAMAICA OBSERVER 2/27/17, are gripped with fear, because she speaks the truth. Crime has held Jamaica at ransom for decades. It has wreaked havoc on our economy, seen the flight of large numbers of concerned patriotic citizens who have chosen to leave her shores rather than fight the continuous erosion of ethical principles, live under a perceived threat of criminal elements and the derailing of common decency, which had previously held the fabric of our society strong and attractive. Many Jamaicans are adept at crying out for blue murder and restitution from a government that they fail to acknowledge is pulling all stops to quell crime. They fail to understand the various paradigms that attribute to this decay, that government alone cannot do it, and that all hands and hearts must contribute, if even by support, for those who valiantly strive to rid the country of this horrific malady. They fail to understand that by their very abstinence they are succinctly contributing to this steep downward spiral of society’s decline to a dis-eased state, of which, music plays a pivotal

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For over a century and many years before its use became vogue, Jamaicans were pioneering the use of ganja for religious, medicinal and recreational purposes. Information on Jamaica becoming known for having the “good stuff” went so far and wide that all Jamaicans were presumed to be ganja smokers and were left no choice but to embrace the “stigma” of being from the island known as the ganja capital of the world. But for all these years, the use of this God given bush of nature was legally prohibited in Jamaica and this despite the eventuality of places such as The Netherlands legalizing ganja to the extent that it could be ordered with coffee, yet any mention or discussion of ganja in foreign circles remained synonymous with Jamaica. During Jamaica’s pot history and the seemingly irrefutable reputation of the entire nation being ganja smokers, no layman would have guessed that highly developed countries were positioning themselves to legalize it in such a strategic, posited and structured manner that the gains would be enjoyed only by them, while deliberately leaving countries such as Jamaica totally marginalized. It has become exceedingly clear that peripheral societies will continue to make unilateral decisions to ensure that their agenda to expropriate resources from tropical biospheres, or dispossessing the tropics of its chrematistic value, remains internalized, so as not to share any benefits from such undertakings, in order to ensure the continuation of imperialism. Discussions on legalizing marijuana in Jamaica have made the rounds from time

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The gut wrenching and tear jerking story carried by CNN on September 1st 2016 regarding clemency granted by President Obama to Sharanda Jones, shines a damning light on the underbelly of a justice system in America that reeks of a stinking stench which, prior to this becoming broad knowledge, would be enough to trigger convulsive vomiting and dysentery. It underscores a constitution that is replete with cracks in its judicial system, deliberately and strategically focused in underprivileged areas to “capture” minorities, but with a specific agenda to bring in Black youngsters primarily, for servitude, to feed the greed of super wealthy capitalist enterprises. It stands as a testament of how the penal system has postured itself to pit one against the other in this country, with a mandate to imprison them in droves and to level extreme sentences as harsh as life imprisonment, based only on hypothesis where there is no hard core evidence. But more so, it reflects a sector of the population as being straight up unethical psychopaths who are simply the prophetic underdogs driven by fear and insecurity. This fear mentality has its genesis deeply steeped in guilt carried over from slavery, and the harsh penal existence that it meted out to human beings based solely on the color of their skin. To add credence to this claim would be to site the “Cash for Kids” case which unfolded in Pennsylvania in 2009 where judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan were sentenced to prison for accepting bribery

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FACEBOOK is for sure the best social media platform for networking but more-so it seems, for self-aggrandizement, for such is the thought of many. This weighs in on acceptance, self-value, self-worth, continuous applause/likes, and the desired maintenance of a would-be lofty psychological posturing. Facebook has lured and made addicts of many, in that it serves up hope for one of the greatest hierarchical needs of man – that of recognition. Liking the posts of others sometimes has no bearing on what is posted or whether it makes sense, but more so by whom it is posted. Profiles, weddings, graduations and other pictures of outstanding achievements, preferably of Caribbean nationals, are ranked high but so too are pictures that are a bit more risqué. The count is still being tallied as to whether the general preference is for boobs or large bottoms. It is also the medium used for those who would otherwise prefer to be published denominational religionists or advocates of any Black conscious movement, again, preferably where people from the Caribbean are involved, but especially for those affected by homophobia. Most outstanding however, is the level of social comparison and envy with which it comes. It is totally fine for many to broadcast travels or other achievements whether past or present, but woe be unto those who come out of left field to announce anything that threatens to topple the status of others who considered themselves hitherto, at the top of the chain. To give social media its due

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Bway mi a tell yuh, mi haffi stay weh from Facebook and mi haffi refrain from reading the Observer and Gleaner and me haffi stop from watching the likkle bit a TV whey mi watch becawzen seh the news can be too depressing and the trite remarks and subliminal messaging dat come tru sometimes pan social media from odda people a faas inna odda people business gall mi to no end. Plus, mi nuh really have di time fi read tru plus find suppen pan Google fi post. But mi ah try mek a p’int in reference to Miss Coopa article, far as the world moves forward, a whey mi wooda guh fi one interview and respond to questions inna mi native tongue fi people undastan? Which healthcare professional mi coulda go give a pitch to, inna mi owna creole? How many potential clients and customers mi coulda talk to dat woulda understand dis? Which high flown job mi bredda or sista coulda fine inna ‘merica fi relate to people suh and which scholarship dem coulda apply fah and to which university? Mi cyan tek it star! Have mercy! Ah ongle Miss Lou mi know seh mek it and she was a folklore entertainer. Unuh can correck mi. The article in today’s Gleaner from Carolyn Cooper smacks of the same rancor I experienced from Marlene Malahoo Forte’s tweet, which shows a total lack of respect for people, insensitivity to murder, a lack of compassion for pain and suffering of others and

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