Morant Bay Rebellion


Paul Bogle achieved his distinction as a National Hero of Jamaica by demonstrating his undaunted and rebellious spirit through his efforts that assisted with the eradication of the unjust system that plagued Jamaica due to its disdain toward the black population in his time. This was the norm in those days as Jamaica was going through a transitional phase and was not far removed from the extirpation of slavery. Though slavery had been a thing of the past there was still some residue present which brought about drastic measures from the Black population in Jamaica. PAUL BOGLE Bogle was born in 1822 in Stony Gut, Morant Bay in St. Thomas. The community consisted of small farmers including Paul Bogle himself who owned 500 acres of land. His formative years coincided with the days of slavery, but he lived to see it abolished in 1834. During the post slavery years the White population still sustained a significant level of power that was a cause for concern amongst Blacks and he saw the need for a rearrangement of the system. One of the few privileges that Black Jamaicans had was electoral voting. However, due to the requirements that included knowing how to read and write and also having to pay a high fee, many people were exempted with the exclusion of Paul Bogle among relatively few who met the criteria. Statistically the blacks outnumbered the whites 32 to 1 but as a result of the requirements only a few could vote. Jamaica

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OPRAH: What do you think happens when you die? ME: I will relinquish my body and my spirit will merge, as though it was never broken, with the oneness of God. I believe my school of thought and creativity will be archived somewhere in the Superior Consciousness, much like the genius of Mozart, Einstein, Bob Marley, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson and other extraordinary folk who braved this existence to express God, have their own space. This work could become a resource for some other like me, on the cusp of cosmic consciousness, who seek guidance, instruction or restitution at some point through physical existence. I may even enter another school of preparedness for reincarnation as a means of completing the necessary number of life cycles. OPRAH: What do you know for sure? ME: That God dwells in every facet of nature including creativity, that my presence is symbolic of His presence, that He facilitates the manifestation of all inspiration be it positive or negative and expresses Himself through us all, and that everything that we need to manifest for the purpose of His existence or His experience of Himself, though divinely hidden, is at hand. Eckart Toulle puts this in perspective when he says, “It’s the consciousness in you that creates.” OPRAH: I believe in? ME: A life filled with auditory and chronicled experiences of someone else’s truth, that our “calls” for these “references” resonates cosmically and if we are paying attention, will realize that the answers oftentimes manifest

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Jamaica is an enigma. On the one hand, as a small island state in the Caribbean Sea, it is the one hundred and sixty eighth smallest state in a world in which scale matters, yet it has global recognition on par with the leading dominant states in the world. When it comes to global recognition, countries, like corporations, are recognized by their logo or branding. The United States for example is branded by the stripes and stars, the Statue of Liberty, its military power, and its cultural and human capital. Great Britain is recognized for its imperial past and the monarchy; France for the romanticism of Paris and its cuisines. Italy is recognized for its architecture, its landscape and the Vatican, and Japan for its remarkable rebuilding after its devastation in the Second World War. Among Caribbean island states, Jamaica is equal in global recognition as the aforementioned countries. Like its Caribbean counterparts, Jamaica boasts pristine white sand beaches, luxurious tourist resorts and frequent visits from royalty, the rich and the famous. One distinction, however, is that Jamaica is the only developing country ranked in the top ten countries visited by Americans in 2007 ahead of China and Spain, according to a Pew survey on global travel. Jamaica’s global recognition is a result of the island’s ingenuity, a Janus quality that brings both positive and negative recognition. On the positive side of the recognition ledger, Jamaican reggae music and the legend behind Bob Marley’s music have given Jamaica a global

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West of the Pillars of Hercules before 10,000 B.C. Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands region is where one of the Islands of Atlantis The Lost Continent was located. In the ancient past Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands being one of the Islands of Atlantis, was part of a highly advanced sophisticated civilization, with technology that would even surpass that which we have now. Before 10,000 B.C. Atlantis was an enchanted race of gifted and highly intelligent beings. Many cultures within their recorded history have references to the Great Island Continent of Atlantis where Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands now rest. Plato told the story of Atlantis from certain 200-year-old records of the Greek ruler Solon, who, in turn, heard the story of this Island from the Egyptian priest, in the Temples of Egypt. The Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), stated that the partly drowned remnants of one of the islands that the Atlanteans emigrated to, after the main continent of Atlantis began to suffer, was Jamaica. Cayce made it clear that Atlantis was at once, both the center and the ruler of the ancient world. Sitting in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantis had easy access to both the eastern and the western hemispheres. Cayce believed that the Caribbean was once a major center of Atlantean habitation, including the controversial “Bimini Road”, that was found in 1968 near the island of Bimini, an area which Cayce identified as the place where many Atlanteans fled after the first destruction before

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Revisiting Marcus Garvey 1887-1940 by Tarik Daley

The Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey is one of only seven Jamaican nationals to have earned the distinction of becoming a National Hero. He was also a hero in the hearts and mind of many people globally. Garvey exemplified selflessness in every sense of the word and conveyed through his relentless efforts, his fight to eradicate oppression of all forms toward his race. Garvey’s advocacy won over many admirers and followers who bought into his concept of being systematically liberated economically, politically and socially. This blog highlights Garvey’s quest to empower the Black race by his assemblage of the largest mass movement which ultimately propelled him to the status that he holds today, generations after his passing. Marcus Garvey was born on August 17th, 1887 in St. Ann’s Bay. Born to parents Marcus Garvey Sr. and Sara Jane Richards, Garvey was what we refer to in Jamaica as the last child or the wash belly of 11 children. His father had a career as a stone mason and his mother was a farmer and a domestic helper. Garvey Sr. can be accredited as the one who had the greatest impact on his personality and ambition. It’s the same indomitable spirit that they both shared that Garvey would use later on in his life as he was challenged often externally with his plans. Garvey’s love for reading had much to do with his father setting up a library as home where his curious mind led him to become an avid reader.

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I am finally in Bogota, Colombia.  When I conjured this dream years ago, this was not supposed to be the time, the place, nor was it the circumstances; but my truth is that, nothing has ever been manifested the way that I anticipated, perceived, or expected.  However, it always comes at God’s perfect time, within God’s plan and exactly as he sees fit for me.  And for that, I can only be grateful! It’s been an ethereal ride getting here.  The highs and lows, mostly memory now, have not failed to leave their scars well embedded in every part of my consciousness.  How do you wipe tears away from the past?  How do you rejoice in the joy of today, without remembering the pain of yesterday?  I really do not know how to answer that.   If we could see where we are going and plan each step according to a vision, an instinct, even an internal drive, would we still not miss some of the subtle picturesque landscapes that makes each step vital to our existence?  Besides, I do not even know how to classify the twist, turns, rollercoaster highs, and submerged lows.  Can you really say this was not, but this was?  Can you ever, in one breath, experience it all and make a conscious determination that what was, is now far better than you had hoped?  Pain does not work that way, and joy cannot be a singular road; it is just against universal law. I have taken

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