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Reject blind faith and declare true faith to be an internal acknowledgement of the truth within. Even the most apparently trivial thought, when experienced from within, could hold a profound spiritual meaning, it is the presence of the spiritual sense which makes the Word divine. Faith alone justifies and it sets apart by time and distance, the works of the law. Charity cannot be conjoined with faith, since faith is from God, and charity, so far as it is expressed in works, is from man. But both must exist in unison in man, so that we may mirror in honor, the inner sanctum that God freely gives us. Both faith and charity are necessary for the evolution of salvation. One without the other separates us from our greatest truth. Faith alone cannot procure justification of truth, although it must be faith which results in obedience. The purpose of faith is to lead a person to a life according to truth. In faith we reveal God’s Love for each and every spark from the Divine, but it is in the expression of our love for God that charity becomes the product of faith and eternity is secured.  Faith by itself, if it is not complemented by action, is dead and produces nothing that is relevant to God.  Charity reflects the love of God and in itself produces the continuum of life’s evolution. The trinity of faith, hope, and love are the foundation for our existence. Charity is the link that binds

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Balance is an evolutionary step. Where does one go to take the first step towards balance? The answer is …. Right here! – The place where desire and ego collide. The place where your inner turmoil is recognized for what it is ….. Illusion! No matter how real it feels to the ego … the spirit knows that it is a response to an illusionary penetration into human psyche. So the primary step to balance is to accept your spiritual nature, the inner voice which speaks from the core that supersedes the turmoil of the thought process. It’s that inner sanctum of thoughtlessness, where what is understood is that life exists and persists with or without you. Therefore, your thoughts are no more than you are at any given time when your focus is on them. The inner sanctum of thoughtlessness is neither perception nor a particular state of being; it is the existence of a life force that courses through you without your need to attend to it … for it is what it is… and has always been, in order to be what it will become. To achieve that understanding takes making the step in evolutionary thought, to become aware that the conduit through which energy flows is pulsating through you. It does not take blind faith, it just requires letting go as the experience passes through you and giving up the power to that which is greater than you.  This trust is not an action that needs

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There is already a growing concern regarding the huge expanses of land that will be required for burial space, as the world turns and more people die. Though many are opting for cremation, the vast majority are usually so grief stricken that they cannot bring themselves to entertain the thought of anything short of a lavish funeral, part of which entails having their loved ones pumped with formaldehyde to delay decomposition. Dust to dust however, is inevitable and is the reality of that outcome. “Six foot six” below ground, as Jamaicans would say, became the norm after the bubonic plague struck in 1665 in London and the law for depth of burial was enacted to prevent any spread of the dreaded disease, but there are other reasons for underground burial as well. Though the average corpse today, is of no particular interest to medical science beyond an autopsy which looks at cause of death that may contribute to ongoing research in regenerative diseases among other issues, fossils such as skulls, teeth and bones may be in the long haul for archeologists, in their never ending study of evolution. This method for preservation of history could also serve to substantiate studies on changing cultures and traditions that may over time become obsolete but none the less contribute in large part to past ways of life through scientific understanding. Given the foregoing, probably the most brilliant cutting edge development to date to address this impending issue of burial space, has come out

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Some Jamaicans are just too brilliant to be labeled “wagonists,” but until such time that there is an appropriate label for them, we shall call them conformists. These are people who do not push the boundaries of life. They enjoy a staid existence until they arrive at a point in life which we will call their sweet spot, if you may, where they become locked into a mental feel good space that leaves them rebuking or evasive of anything new or different. This mentality leads to one of mimicry and reproduction; it’s the malaise of neocolonial personality, its basis is a result of settling on events of the past as golden age, rather than a gaze to the future with a trans-formative consciousness that the authentic self is the reservoir of artistic and transformational production. Artistic creation is always a project of social construction and transformation that moves beyond citation and hybridity. The artistic personality must have historical awareness, yet cannot be trapped in history, but rather, must make history a part of the process of artistic creation and transformation. Those who seek to articulate artistic creativity as a process of paying homage to history and mimicry are elites who seek to standardize and control. It all signals retirement which comes with that feeling of having lived a full life, yet it is the junction of the road which separates current consciousness from reminiscing. These citizens are dangerous to youth, youthfulness, development and continuing evolution, as the lack of need

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FEAR – Marlene Daley

It is pretty much a foregone conclusion, that deep seated fears are man’s biggest stumbling blocks to achieving his highest calling. In close succession, is having the vision and ambition yet failing to do the work that is necessary for ultimate success. By not doing the work I mean, an unwillingness to accept the initial small but painful steps of progress which ultimately leads to success. Accepting one’s limitations and being open to inner guidance and learning are great ways to start on the road of progress. Coming to terms with fear by facing and examining the reasons will act as a wakeup call to reality and motivation. Time spent in reflection should be extremely limited as it can upend more desirous moves in progression. Fear beckons thoughts of lack of achievement. It calls attention to knowing, that psychologically set deadlines to achievement are not being met and if this is viewed negatively, can serve to stump or impede progress rather than being used to push the boundaries toward manifesting inner vision. Fear creates a void that can either be filled with negative thoughts or determined steps to move beyond it. A sense of a deeper purpose to “being” is always helpful along this journey called life. Mooji states that: “You all know the sense of being. Without practicing anything, all beings naturally refer to themselves as ‘I’. I am or I exist. ‘Am’ means to exist, to be. Who is the ‘I’ that am… or the ‘I’ that exists?

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To say this is the dawning of a new day would be a rhetorical statement. It only goes to show how difficult it is to remove entrenched belief patterns in culture. This mindset becomes dangerous not only because people are led to live a life of deceit and self-denial, leaving ignorance in its wake, but because what is feared may live in the house next door. I thought it was the wrath of God that led me to live in Atlanta, a utopia for homosexuality, until I realized that it was for the understanding that man should be at liberty to express their unique self without prejudice and to accept the truth in “Conversations with God” which states, that God is not opposed to any expression of love. It was so hard coming here with my little island mind and adjusting to living in an advanced society among men who knew that homosexuality has existed since 2400 B.C. It is honestly still hard by certain measures but I continue to pray that God will help me to accept that which I cannot change and it leads me to wonder if I would suffocate living in Jamaica again as that self-righteous, dictatorial taint in mentality, continues to permeate every facet of life there. I am in total agreement with Dr. Michael Abrahams article in The Jamaica Gleaner today: One day, several years ago, while taking my daughter home from school, she asked me a very interesting question: “Daddy, regarding the buggery

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