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Speaking of Jamaica’s Bobsled team often elicits peals of laughter, not due to disrespect, but because it is well known that “snow cone” (which is sheared ice served in a cone shaped cup and topped with syrup), is the closest our little island in the sun gets to ice. But contiguous with Jamaica’s global brand is the reputation of its nationals going where no man has gone before. Devon Harris was such a man. He was one of the brave pack who ventured out onto this uncharted course not only for the intrigue and adventure but with a genuine quest for medalling. The 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, Alberta, was significant because it saw the emergence of the four-man bobsled team coming out of Jamaica, relatively green, but undaunted nonetheless. Devon was an army man with a lieutenant ranking. Rigorous training showed the prominent muscular physique which was a necessary attribute for consideration. They crashed. The qualifying race was no mean feat and with little experience going down the track they lost control of the sled. But the shear novelty inspired the movie “Cool Runnings,” and Harris went on to compete in two other of the eight races in which Jamaica has competed so far. But the God consciousness or a deep sense of spirituality elucidated from this continuous evolving of Harris’ life, coming from very humble beginnings in Jamaica, has not been lost on him. Harris now 54, has embarked on the road of motivational speaking, a vocation

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Into your hands I commit my spirit to love – Henri Almanza

We live in a senseless world and we must learn not to try to make sense of it. For all sense of understanding is wasted in emotions that distort and confuse what the very meaning of it is. What could be grasped within its complicated nature other than the knowledge that chaos and order are simultaneously in sink and that for every action there is a reaction, which can or cannot be predicted in the visible and the unseen. We must learn how to accept our existence no matter its status and try to elevate ourselves within it’s frame, to something higher and greater, while never giving up on the very existence that we live and share with each other and the vast universe from which we come. When and wherever we can, we must witness our impossibilities by being the very hope of love and understanding that is required in everything that makes no sense, for it is in the very giving and receiving of Love that is intrinsic in our DNA that allows us to survive and thrive, as if we are born of it! Even in the face of the greatest evil that exist, we must see that senseless acts devoid of love are not of the love that created us, but of the hope that binds us to be the love that created us. We must learn to see love even in the senseless illusions of evil, as that which was created for the sake of

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 We are grateful to Martin Henry, an administrator of The University of the West Indies, for this eloquently written and riveting revisit of history as it relates to the African Slave Trade, published in The Jamaica Gleaner on October 25th 2015. It is hoped that this article will reach the far corners of the earth, to the ears and mind of those needing to know the gut wrenching truth behind slavery or for a paradigm shift to reality, in order to lay the blame of slavery squarely where it belongs. This will refute all myths of holding England alone accountable for the atrocities of slavery and torture that were meted out to Africans for over 300 years. It is timely, as talks continue to swirl on England’s impending handing over of a substantial gift of 25M Pounds to Jamaica for the building of a new prison to accommodate those of English citizenry incarcerated there and earmarked for deportation just as soon as these plans can be materialized. The gift smacks of disrespect and disregard for some Jamaicans who would have preferred the long outstanding apology from Britain for their part in slavery to go along with it, and also, the issuing of updates on how Britain plans to settle its indebtedness of outstanding reparations to Jamaica. But this article stands as a testament and a reconfirmation that while Britain was not an innocent bystander, the deliberation of such arguments should be directly addressed to those nations in Africa, who were

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ATLANTIS – Where Jamaica, the Virgin Islands along with Americas and the world rises

10.000 years ago humanity’s Grand Drama of Birth, Death and Resurrection, continued in the lost continent of Atlantis. The falling Axis of Earth removed the Dagon star Alpha Draconis Thaban the (Snake) from True north the north celestial pole above Earth. The Axis of the earth was moving backward one degree every 72 years thru an elliptical circle encompassing 12 gates known as the 12 Ages of Man. Aha Men Path (Atlantis) sunk under the Atlantic Ocean and with it, all of its technologies. “King Osiris is Dead” his body remains in a bull’s hide upon the Majit boat traveling to Egypt, the land of the second soul of God with Horus who lost his right eye. Suddenly in the Mist of the sunken Atlantis, which Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands along with America are a part of, Isis (Iset) sees The Resurrection of Osiris in the Helical rise of the Orion constellation from which Osiris was named…. after which the arch of Queen Nut protecting and guiding her children would be immortalized in epitaph in Egypt, showing The Mother Gathering her Children in a new land, a new era on earth. The reality of these mysteries lost through the annals of time have been codified in myth and legion, and have their root in a common reality of a Greater Humanity both at the Dawn of the creation and now. The story is told in the stars and on earth through Ancient scrolls and acheo monolith statues and ruins

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Cocoa may help diabetes & heart failure

As holistic and alternative medical practitioners continue their research to find nature’s remedy to various ailments, it becomes more astonishing that we have lived with an abundance of these plants, often right under our nose, especially those of us who live in more tropical climes.   U.S. researchers have found that patients with advanced heart failure and type 2 Diabetes showed improvement after three months of consuming epicatechin enriched cocoa. Cocoa as we all know is derived from the plant of the same name.   Dr. Francisco J. Villarreal of University of California, San Diego, confirmed that epicatechin is a flavonoid found in dark chocolate.   “The researchers examined five extremely ill patients with major damage to the skeletal muscle mitochondria, which are the structures responsible for most of the energy produced in cells. These “fuel cells” were dysfunctional as a result of both type 2 diabetes and heart failure, which lead to abnormalities in skeletal muscle,” Villarreal said.   Patients with heart failure and diabetes experience abnormalities in both the heart and skeletal muscle that can result in impaired functional capacity. They often complain of shortness of breath, lack of energy and have difficulty walking even short distances.   Trial participants consumed dark chocolate bars and a beverage with a total epicatechin content of approximately 100 milligram per day for three months. Biopsies of skeletal muscle were conducted before and after treatment.   After three months, the researchers looked at changes in mitochondria volume and the abundance of cristae,

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Psychic Diagnostician

Psychic Diagnostician – Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945)

Dr. Brian Weiss, author of the book, “Many Lives, Many Masters,” comes to mind readily when one thinks of “Past Life Regression therapy.”  Currently hailed as the godfather of that school of thought, Weiss comes with intrigue. He was not the traditional minded guru who cultivated spatial mind exercises to allow for heralding the spirit of man, nor did he meditate or astral travel to find his center. Rather, some may see it as a divinely bestowed gift, since it presented itself to him in his office, through two patients/clients who were given equal recognition in his book because of their obviously intertwined incarnations. It was through his work in hypnotherapy that he chanced upon this phenomenon of past life experience. His patients, totally unaware and having never met, had shared a previous life as father and daughter which came to a tragic end when the father died from war wounds in the arms of his daughter. But history will show that past life regression preceded Dr. Weiss’ work. It was to the psychic Edgar Cayce, otherwise known as the sleeping prophet (1877-1945) that this title was first bestowed. A poor student, he received no more than a grammar school education, and eventually took up photography as a trade. But Cayce had the unusual ability of inducing out-of-body experiences using a form of self-hypnosis. From a sleep like trance Cayce was known for tapping into the super consciousness or the universal mind to diagnose illnesses that baffled many doctors who

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