This is probably the first time in history that a pandemic has caused so much widespread conflicting theories and remedies based largely on guess work, spewing from all corners of the world. This verbal diarrhea and the ensuing confusion, fear and hysteria, were further driven by videos coming from all corners of the earth through social media, which played no small part in bringing many to the brink of anxiety attacks. The world should know by now that the Coronavirus which was alleged to have started in a “wet market” in Wuhan, China, actually came from a laboratory testing that the United States government has been funding for years, and though at the outset America played ignorance and denial, there is undeniable evidence that at least two former presidents stressed the importance of preparation for a pandemic. One cannot help but wonder if their knowledge of the experiments spurred their fears. Now that the world has gone into a tailspin, medical professionals and even government officials are inching their way forward with the truth. Yes, American tax payers’ money has been funding these experiments at The Wuhan Institute of Virology, confirmed Senator Ted Cruz, and this, according to him, was not just involving one lab in Wuhan, but two, within close proximity. He further stated that the US administration was concerned about the safety of the labs. These experiments were being conducted to study viral diversities in bat’s reservoirs, and the laboratory experiments were being conducted to determine which new

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In my time of solitude I often reflect on my life from my simple abode in Rose’s Valley, a small rural district in St. Elizabeth, to where I am today. My beginning mirrors the life of young, innocent, happy children, so unaware of the trappings that they do not have. My parents, Laura and Headley Mitchell were two very humble people. Although both had no secondary education, they were both brilliant. My father was a farmer and my mother a housewife. She later developed the skill to become the district midwife and continues to boast of the number of babies that she delivered. She helped us with all our homework, regardless of the subject area. She helped me to write the compositions that were recognized for excellence. To this day I still stand in awe of the wealth of knowledge that she possesses. My father read many books and he would always have us read the Bible to him at night. I was told that he followed the teaching of Haile Selassie and even wore dreadlocks at one time. He was a great father and provided for us. He did not believe in corporal punishment and I can still hear him saying to my mother, “Laura, never hit the children when you are angry.” My dad died on November 28th, 1966. It was a dark day for me as I watched him die at home. My father was never sick. He was only ill for one day and that was

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Anxiety is defined as a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks and also a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. The reality of the experience can however, bring one to question if they are on the verge of insanity, having a heart attack or dying. At the very onset anxiety attacks can last for as little as five minutes but even that space of time can feel like eternity. For Constance, the feeling is daunting. “Despite being smack in the middle of a mental space that on a superficial level could easily be thought of as a sense of stupor, I had the presence of mind to think safety first while hedging my car closer to the sidewalk in anticipation of some soon upcoming opening; a mall, a gas station, anything, anywhere that would allow me to park, heed the call of the anxiety and go to battle with it. I had already removed my seat belt as it had suddenly become restricting. I also unhooked my bra and opened the buttons of my blouse because that too had become so tight that it was affecting my breathing. I had already started my exercise of deep breathing. My mind had that regimen on automatic, but the car had suddenly become too small as well, so small a space, that there wasn’t enough air circulating,” is how she explained

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It was nothing short of awe-inspiring to sit in the home and the presence of The Honorable Stanley Moore – Justice of Appeal of the Republic of Botswana, Justice of the Supreme Court of Swaziland, Senior Justice (Retired) of the Northern Region of the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and Senior Resident Judge (Retired) Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court – British Virgin Islands – for this interview. Your profile is mind boggling to say the least. You have been part of the judicial system in Guyana, Swaziland, Botswana, British Virgin Islands, The Bahamas, Grenada, have I left anywhere out? St. Kitts, Nevis. What was the hardest part of your process in your achievements so far? People have asked me, what do you attribute to your success? And the answer is very simple. I regard myself as a persistent plodder. I have been inspired by many people. I have been assisted and mentored by many people and I am still being assisted and mentored now by many people younger than me, because I am a perennial student. I celebrated my 80th birthday on July 1st and I still feel like a ninth grader with a thirst for learning new things and acquiring new knowledge. The frontiers of knowledge are always receding. We never get there. Nobody is ever complete in so far as knowledge goes. All of the so-called geniuses that I have met have one characteristic in common, they are highly gifted people but they all worked harder

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“New York Port authority head tests positive as the number of infected globally rises over 110,000“ – “School canceled, health officials issue stern warning to Missouri family that broke coronavirus quarantine” – “Republicans Self-Quarantine After Interacting With Coronavirus Patient At CPAC” – “Stocks on Track for Worst Drop Since 2008” – “Shares of oil companies and banks are cratering,” are just a few of the news headlines that greet the global population every day now, and given the speed of infection, the data changes accordingly. One can only hope that the proactive measures can contain the spread. Of note is that though this virus is alleged to have started in Wuhan, China, the highest death rate is in the United States of America. Businessinsider.com states that, “The death rate from the new coronavirus is higher in the US so far than anywhere else in the world. The rate, a basic calculation that divides the number of known deaths by the total number of confirmed cases, was about 6% in the US as of Friday morning. Fourteen Americans have died out of less than 250 confirmed cases,” and though out of a global population of 7.53 Billion only 3,386 have died to date (3/9/2020), the major capitals of the world continue to run down the road proclaiming a pandemic and creating hysteria that will impact political campaigns, schools, churches, cruise ships, airlines, other means of public transport, the stock market, along with the suggested social distancing which are all spiraling to

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