black lives matter

Why the focus is “Black lives Matter” and not “All lives Matter”

As the protests against supremacist empowered police fierceness wanes globally, the energized cries of “Black Lives Matter” continue to reverberate through streets and digital avenues and people have now become more attuned to the news. While reviews remain consistent, thoughts are being given to ways of empowering the Black race in America on the matter of what should be done to enact change in attitude in response to crime issues, by a police force that is paid out of the pockets of the very people who are being ostracized and murdered. It is critical to understand that “Black Lives Matter” is set against a background of systemic racism that sharply targets, for murder or incarceration, a people who are up to now living under the Dred Scott law of 1857 which deems them not US citizens and not fully human. Even with the best intentions, on the surface, “All Lives Matter” cannot fully relate to the gravity of a cause such as this, which bears no likeness to the degree of impartiality and impunity meted out to Black people on a daily basis. While bigotry is evident across cultures it’s a far cry from being considered less than human and “stock” that should be herded and fed into the capitalist prison system for life sentencing, even in instances where, the prejudicial punishment does not fit the crime. “All Lives Matter” diverts the consideration from Black lives, which, for all intents and purposes, appears to be the race/species that America would

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The savage, brutal killing of George Floyd in broad daylight, carried out by sub humans masked in the uniform of officers who are paid from the hard earned income of the very people they target and kill by heinous means, has not only brought this front and center to the world stage but has given Black Lives Matter impetus, wings and reason to delve deeper in their reservoir of advocacy and to fight valiantly for a just cause. It brings back forcefully, the words of Sam Cook, “It’s been a long, long time coming but I know, a change is gonna come, oh yes it will.” But this blog is not primarily about the murder of George Floyd (since that was addressed before), or in furtherance of the work being carried out by BLM, but rather, the intrinsic shift that must take place in recollection of history in order to correct the great untruths that have been taught to Black people about themselves and his relevance in time. The whole story of Christopher Columbus for example just never sat right with many. How on earth does someone discover an island that was already inhabited by Indians? It is so true that the biggest lies are glaring, for what does that lead one to think except that these people evolved from lizards, quite laughable, but since the relegation of Blacks being half human was already reserved? History books carry that Columbus discovered Jamaica in 1494, but it get worse, since he

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GEORGE FLOYD (12/21/1960 – 5/25/2020)

  GEORGE FLOYD may best be remembered and immortalized from the gleeful momentary expression of his 6 year old daughter whose reality of her father’s death had yet to sink in. For all we know her thoughts might have been that Daddy went away for a while and will return soon, but while looking over the great crowd from sitting atop the shoulders of his best friend Stephen Jackson, she shouted in her small voice, “My daddy changed the world.” Berlin One might also be inclined to believe that at such a tender age she was able to look beyond death and see the colossal purpose for the snuffing out of her father’s life by a police officer, paid from the public purse to serve and protect, while seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was staring straight into the camera with his hand in his pocket while being videotaped, as it were, propped on one knee while the other was used to consistently and determinedly pump the life out of Floyd, lying on his belly, handcuffed behind his back, blood running from his nose and urine flowing from under the car from which he was pinned down shouting with his last breath, I CAN’T BREATHE, while his three cronies watched without remorse and failed to lend a helping hand to the man that was being murdered before their very eyes. London The emboldened great crowds that converged in protests across the United States and countries across the globe signified

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If hanging on to the axel (between the back wheels of a tractor-trailer) for a ride across the border from Toronto, Canada to New York and arriving covered in ashes and dust takes your mind to the most gruesome adventure movie, meet Rene Godefroy, whom life left no choice in his quest to escape poverty. Born to a single parent in an isolated impoverished village in Haiti, Rene beat the odds of survival, suffering through malnourishment, dysentery and cholera as a baby to become a man whose accomplishments are admirable, if not enviable. At seven years old he rejoined his mother who had left him to find work in the city. His visions of a better life, however; were dashed when he realized that he was removed from an existence of fanning flies from his face while sitting on the dirt floor of his tiny abode, to living in a basement infested with rats and roaches where he had no choice but to sleep on the floor. His ascension to becoming a nationally known and sought-after motivational speaker in America has inspired many. He has shared the stage with powerhouse speakers such as Zig Ziggler and Dr. Wayne Dyer, among others. AT&T, AFLAC, Charles Schwab and Coca Cola are just a few of the large corporations that have used his deep insight and inspiration for staff training and motivation. I spoke with Rene in an effort to probe the mind of this very interesting man. You made the trip to

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Steve Harvey The son of a coal miner, Steve Harvey graduated high school and went on to Kent State University. After graduation he worked as an insurance salesman, a boxer and a carpet cleaner. In his quest to achieve his best self he took the proverbial ladder one step at a time. No task was beneath him as long as it meant earning an honest income and he knew that the only way to the top was through hard work, sacrifice and dedication. He went through periods of homelessness where he had no choice but to use public facilities which meant taking showers in gas stations and public swimming pools. But living in his car for 3 years was by far the most testing period. Today, he is an Award winning author, writer, host of his own self-named shows and a household name that crosses many ethnic lines and audiences. Steve Harvey’s net worth is estimated at $180 Million. Oprah Winfrey Not only was Oprah Winfrey born into abject poverty to a teenage single mother who worked as a maid, a testament to which was getting her first pair of shoes at the age of 6 but she also experienced rape and abuse as early as age 9. She also became pregnant at 14 and lost her son within two weeks of birth. Oprah’s mother eventually sent her to live in Tennessee with her father, a period during which she became open to an onslaught of sexual abuse. She was

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In writing this blog I pored through a great number of quotes for definitions, for the experiences of others and for “knowing.” Love is now so commonly used that “like” seems passé. It’s always interesting to hear the blaring of millionaires, who can do more, broadcasting their love for their supporters who they don’t have a clue about. These statements are sooner acceptable if they could be interpreted as their love of mankind because no true love would have them reap the benefits of those who support them without giving back from their great store. But this blog is not to specifically speak of that kind of love. The great writers, some of who, evidently, knew nothing of the quintessential love, if indeed it exists, have broken up the concept in pieces and degrees, as an excuse for preoccupation with that which, on a spiritual plain is least understood and is all embracing. So love has become fragments and likened to a pool where water is controlled and issued in scoops or buckets. They have listed love thus: Philia — Affectionate Love without romantic attraction Pragma — Enduring Love. … Storge — Familiar Love. … Eros — Romantic Love. … Ludus — Playful Love. … Mania — Obsessive Love. … Philautia — Self Love. … Agape — Selfless Love. But true love cannot exist for self alone, spouse, children, extended family or nations where there is prejudice, where culture, caste or creed are frowned upon and where Bible thumping preachers

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