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One of my best Tobago experiences was my stay at Licorish Villa located in Fort Bennett, Black Rock, Tobago.  Of the six forts on theIsland of Tobago, Fort Bennett is probably the most famous. Fort Bennett overlooks Grafton Beach.

The Fort was built by the Dutch between 1628 and 1636. Later on, in the 1680’s, the Courlanders refortified it in order to protect their then flourishing settlement in the Great Courland Bay area.

During the 1800’s the fort fell into the possession of the British and was again refortified to protect their claim to Tobago. The fort was used for military purposes during the sugar revolution.

Privateers and Buccaneers tried to interfere with British interests which consequently led to many battles. The Fort however, was a huge barrier for these pirates and the British once again were able to protect their territory and their interests.

Nowadays the fort is a tranquil spot which is indeed contrary to its history. There is a small gazebo from which locals and tourists can see a panoramic view of Grafton Beach. At sundown there is an amazing sunset that is extremely breathtaking. The gazebo is the best vantage point.

There is also Black Rock Beach, within close proximity. Black Rock Beach is located between Stone Haven Bay and Great Courland Bay on the western side of Tobago. It is known for its large black rocks surrounding the beach.

Leatherback turtles can also be seen nesting at this site. Black Rock Beach is great for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing and sun bathing. However, it also titillates the senses of photographers to capture nature in sunsets of esteem glory.  The colors of beautiful red, rich yellow and the shades of coral provide the most unique vision that I believe, are the best I have seen thus far.

Witnessing the sunset at both Grafton and Blackrock Beach has enabled me to capture captivating photographs which are not only outstanding but speaks volumes in my collection.


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Melony Mejias


La Horquette Valley Road, Glencoe, (Carenage)

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