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There is no official reference to a 4th World as it relates to developing countries, but if there were, Guyana would certainly fall in that category.

Guyana is second only to Haiti as being the poorest country in the Northern Hemisphere. This is mind boggling to say the least, since Guyana’s lush and unspoilt tropical rainforest covers 86% of the land and is home to the famous 741 foot drop Kaieteur Falls, which is of great ecological value to the country. Not to mention the 630 miles long Essequibo River. The land is also endowed with minerals including diamond, gold, semi-precious stones and bauxite, among others. Guyana even boasts having the South American Goliath bird eater, (theraphosa blondi), allegedly the world’s largest spider.

As with other islands of the Caribbean, Guyana has a diverse ethnic population – made up largely of people from Africa and India.

Though located on the mainland of South America, Guyana has earned the distinction of being a part of the Caribbean because of its strong ethnic, cultural, historical ties and political background.

Guyana too was under British rule back in the late 18th century and it is the only country in South America where English is the official language. Guyana is also a member of CARICOM (Caribbean Community & Common Market), an organization of 15 Caribbean countries bent on promoting economic integration.

But despite the forgoing, the vision and motivation of outstanding nationals have not waned as it pertains to entrepreneurship and if the Aruwai Resort is any measure of what the future holds, it should be moving in leaps and bounds, as this venture solidifies hope and promise to not only bring Guyana back to its former glory but to implement such ambitious undertakings that may well bring the country up to speed with its developing counterparts.

The 5 Star Aruwai Hotel may yet be Guyana’s best kept secret even though it teems with a mix of tourists and locals all year round. It warrants making the next trip to Guyana a priority and should definitely be the first choice to titillate the senses in the lap of luxury. Aruwai Resort is far removed from anything in the country, not just in location but panache.

Aruwai Hotel is the only resort in Guyana that actually sits on an island, in the Mazaruni River.

The “Aruwai White H2O Resort,” Essequibo, as it is officially named, opened its doors in December 2015. It has 50 smartly decorated rooms, blue waters and sandy beaches among a host of other amenities which took all of four years to complete and is indeed a trend-setter in the local tourism industry.

Proprietor Chunilall Baboolall’s venture in the tourism industry was as a result of falling gold prices. He was a career miner. He stated at the opening back in 2015 that, “the perks accruing to visitors to the facility will include boat rides on the Essequibo, Cuyuni and Mazaruni rivers and visits to local mining camps. Visitors to Aruwai will also experience the White Water Falls as well as the Resort’s ‘Banana Boat’, the ‘Love Boat’ and the Jet Ski and water slide trampoline, and the facility is designed to facilitate elderly persons. Its inventory will include wheelchairs.”

Aruwai H2O Resort sits on a once under-developed island that was known as “Bucktrack Island.” The island is a quarter square mile.

Recipient of the President’s Award for Investment in Tourism in 2014, Chunilall Baboolall has charted a course that underscores the belief expressed by the then President Donald Ramotar, that tourism has a pivotal role to play in Guyana’s future.


Marlene Daley
Founder & Publisher
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