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OPRAH: What do you think happens when you die?

ME: I will relinquish my body and my spirit will merge, as though it was never broken, with the oneness of God. I believe my school of thought and creativity will be archived somewhere in the Superior Consciousness, much like the genius of Mozart, Einstein, Bob Marley, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson and other extraordinary folk who braved this existence to express God, have their own space. This work could become a resource for some other like me, on the cusp of cosmic consciousness, who seek guidance, instruction or restitution at some point through physical existence. I may even enter another school of preparedness for reincarnation as a means of completing the necessary number of life cycles.

OPRAH: What do you know for sure?

ME: That God dwells in every facet of nature including creativity, that my presence is symbolic of His presence, that He facilitates the manifestation of all inspiration be it positive or negative and expresses Himself through us all, and that everything that we need to manifest for the purpose of His existence or His experience of Himself, though divinely hidden, is at hand. Eckart Toulle puts this in perspective when he says, “It’s the consciousness in you that creates.”

OPRAH: I believe in?

ME: A life filled with auditory and chronicled experiences of someone else’s truth, that our “calls” for these “references” resonates cosmically and if we are paying attention, will realize that the answers oftentimes manifest in mysterious ways. It may beckon selective meditation, research and study, and it proves, if nothing else, that changes through evolution, though subtle, have progressed by light years, beyond the beginning of “consciousness.” I believe in interwoven experiences; that every personal experience/lesson is intertwined with someone else’s lesson plan, which of necessity is sometimes provoked, and I believe that the Valley of the Shadow of Death is man’s quintessential experience through corridors of darkness where outer vision cease to function and one is left no choice, except to find the source of light through inner vision.

OPRAH: The world needs?

ME: The awakening of self to self, the awakening of latent power and faith… in God. The world needs less doubt, a greater awareness of morality and karmic responsibility, an ascertained knowledge that life is a gift, and a heightened sense of respect for how others, who opted for this “present” chose to run their lives. The world needs less people playing God, who through tainted glass and psychological ceilings of limited interpretation would wont to foist their selfish thoughts, standards and principles as adjudication on how others should live their lives.

OPRAH: Love is?

ME: Besides God and among mortal man, the same: A spiritual connection. But spirituality is the essence of life, so to find “a sensitive” does not necessarily mean that both will have a happy life. There are morals, values, ethics and scruples that are so deeply entrenched that these could determine whether or not one is synchronized with the other. Anything else would be a compromise, so deep and skewed a sacrifice, that it could erode all sense of self and as such, would be tantamount to personality suicide.  So, though what we meet quintessentially is important, this ought not to be the only aspect for consideration, our concern should also be the personality traits, including kindness, forgiveness, sensitivity, unselfishness, and the perception of commitment to God and friend with which the individual comes. Love is a commitment

These are some of the probing questions that Oprah asks consistently on Super Soul Sunday. How would you respond?



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