mystic forestThis is where God, Spirit, Universe and higher consciousness become one.

This is the “I AM” in the “I am” coming to fruition, through the understanding that it cannot live separate from the life source that creates it!

There is a duality that is evident as we Awake and as we reach the higher levels of consciousness.  This is where the veil seems more transparent; allowing us to envisage the reflection of the greatness that created us, and this overwhelming sense of Awakening, creates a super ego that sometimes interpret what is happening to be about self as an individual, when in truth, we are part of an ecosystem. The Awakening is actually meant for us to acknowledge that….first!

Here is where we still fail to see the whole picture.  Here is where we only see the “I” in the “I AM,” this is where we allow the notion, the dichotomy of life to convince us that we are the masters of our lives. This is where the “we got this” becomes the judgment of our own existence, failing to acknowledge our connection to the rest of the essence of life; a life that is Almighty in evolving through its own history, which is greater than the sum of all the parts known and unknown.

Except from a highly evolved spiritual level it is impossible to conceive our complexity, our connection, our own singular vastness and value, within the greater scope that makes each of us codependent, and part of this evolutionary source, especially when we continue to foster the opposing belief that we are solely in charge of our own destiny.

What if we could learn to separate the emotional aspect of “self” and fully envelop the thought that we are connected to every single living aspect and atom in life because it was made to sustain us, not test us? What if we could accept that it was created for us, as something destined to plays its role in our evolution? What if we could meet the fundamental perception of evolution as something not egotistical, self-centered or emotional? It is a concept that is already with us in our belief system, in our religious concoctions, in our scientific existence. It is there in ways some of us cannot fathom; teaching us how necessary it is for all to grow within evolution, but it is shrouded as a necessary part of that growth, even in higher consciousness.

Can we live that consciously?   Can we live in acceptance of life as it is happening to us, with the understanding of what it means – that even the minutia of the smallest decision we make, carries the weight of the greatest decisions we make.

Science has proven that butterflies fluttering in Asia can and do affect every aspect of us personally… when it flaps its wings on the other side of earth!  We need to evolve our thinking and believe this with even greater resonance!!  It is a proven fact that the butterfly effect, affects a molecular change to the weather pattern that exists, and can directly affect what we wake up to each morning.

It is a concept seemingly small yet too big for our minds to wrap around, using our limited capacity to understand the fullness of it, so too is the ability to conceptualize who we are at the nucleus, especially where our focus remains on survival, which makes it more difficult to unearth our “hidden” higher consciousness!

We are quantum physics.  We are human “beings” that contain something greater within, along with an undeniable thread called evolution, which runs through everything ever created, for us, through us, through time and in motion.

It is this concept of something higher and greater which we call by many names: Sun God, Isis, Ganesh, Spirit, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad or any name we chose to label our chosen God but nonetheless that which connects us to the singularly of its purpose to evolve.  There exists within us, a stillness of thought, that is consciously aware of the presence of that higher consciousness with its sole purpose to expand and be greater than itself. It is a singular purpose that crosses all beliefs and all consciousness to connect to the component in you, which is necessary to raise us to the awareness of the source which gives and sustains life!  And even though we create our own perception of self to mean something specific to us as individuals or groups, we judge each other for their own secular belief, which does not change the fact that we are all driven by the same purpose; to seek a higher reason for our existence on this plain, that proves that it was not randomly created.

The awakening has been slowly making its way to individuals who have been left at a crossroads at this moment in evolution.  We are on our way to an enhanced existence as we are evolving into higher consciousness. We are awakening to a truth that we already innately know within our soul’s own knowledge. An experience that awakens us brings us to acknowledging this higher consciousness that exists within, that is guiding and moving us forward toward its destiny.

The purpose of all evolution can be described in three historical phases of awakening: Ego – Alertness – Consciousness.

 The first step is where civilization discovers itself, secondly it evolves to recognize its potential, and thirdly, the awakening comes to help with the unfolding of consciousness which brings us to the unequivocal truth and understanding of “I AM.”

Our evolution was designed to reveal itself through the unification of human existence within higher consciousness.

Perhaps this is what the perceived Armageddon best describes as the ultimate battle – the one that cannot be avoided.  It is what many are naturally seeking to understand as we continue to evolve from a singular thought to a plural thought, within a singular concept. It is the ultimate challenge to all truth, to all science and to all religions and it is that which man must evolve to comprehend.  A singular truth that comes down to ONE thought, ONE hope and ONE destiny, which can only be revealed in heightened consciousness.

Human evolution is inseparable to all that is; therefore it is a purpose within itself that must be accepted as being part of the whole process.

In the end, as it was in the beginning, source can only be one thought as its basis to exist and it is Perfect in higher consciousness!

We are all witnesses to our own words, worlds, and facilitators to our own truth as well as the truth of others, even as we evolve our thinking as individuals, yet inseparable from anything and anyone that has ever existed.

We are destined to persist to know and acknowledge, no matter what, that our very own consciousness is derived from a collective higher bearing that is always present in us, to guide and teach through our own trail and errors.  Life has created us and was created for us, even as life creates through us as individuals.  Within it all is a freedom that becomes more relevant when expressed as joy for “being,” and gladness for being a part of a life of purpose.

This is the thinking and the message behind faith, religion and even science.  This is what the ancients have been communicating through the wisdom of Ganesh, the expressions of Gaia, the research of Aristotle, the stillness of Buddha, the love of Jesus, the indivisible oneness concept of monotheism in Islam, the self-awareness of Galileo, the mathematical equations of Sir Isaac Newton, the theory of evolution of Darwin, the relativity of Einstein and the countless figures in history that have contributed, whether though human existence or transmission of soul perception.

WE are here for a reason!  And we all know this to be true!