Dear Reader: Season’s Greetings! Many will be overjoyed to see the end of 2020 and herald in the New Year, which will no doubt be better, but also filled with hope, promise and the realization of deeper dreams. The great news is that Kotch is now Global and as we walk the path to fulfillment of purpose in expressing God, it was inevitable that we would meet others along the way, who have awakened to this Supreme, Omniscient, Omnipotent Consciousness. Our readers are aware that Kotch is a spiritual mandate for inspiration and motivation but we are particularly striving to reach our young men, our millennials, who are apparently more susceptible to negative influences, not necessarily peer pressure but depicted through a stylized overwhelming media influx that is all consuming. This becomes clearer as data now shows that millennials check their phone 150 times a day, that there are hordes of video games for further distraction and when the television and social media is added to this, it leaves little or no time for deeper thought or processing. The quintessential need on social media is for likes or viewership with the aim of going viral, by which one can become an overnight sensation. It matters not if the content is meaningful, but what we know for sure is that at best, for the great majority, it becomes a fleeting effort at sensationalism which is unsustaining in the long run. Kotch uses the life stories of unsung heroes and those who

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