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Why the focus is “Black lives Matter” and not “All lives Matter”

As the protests against supremacist empowered police fierceness wanes globally, the energized cries of “Black Lives Matter” continue to reverberate through streets and digital avenues and people have now become more attuned to the news. While reviews remain consistent, thoughts are being given to ways of empowering the Black race in America on the matter of what should be done to enact change in attitude in response to crime issues, by a police force that is paid out of the pockets of the very people who are being ostracized and murdered. It is critical to understand that “Black Lives Matter” is set against a background of systemic racism that sharply targets, for murder or incarceration, a people who are up to now living under the Dred Scott law of 1857 which deems them not US citizens and not fully human. Even with the best intentions, on the surface, “All Lives Matter” cannot fully relate to the gravity of a cause such as this, which bears no likeness to the degree of impartiality and impunity meted out to Black people on a daily basis. While bigotry is evident across cultures it’s a far cry from being considered less than human and “stock” that should be herded and fed into the capitalist prison system for life sentencing, even in instances where, the prejudicial punishment does not fit the crime. “All Lives Matter” diverts the consideration from Black lives, which, for all intents and purposes, appears to be the race/species that America would

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