The savage, brutal killing of George Floyd in broad daylight, carried out by sub humans masked in the uniform of officers who are paid from the hard earned income of the very people they target and kill by heinous means, has not only brought this front and center to the world stage but has given Black Lives Matter impetus, wings and reason to delve deeper in their reservoir of advocacy and to fight valiantly for a just cause. It brings back forcefully, the words of Sam Cook, “It’s been a long, long time coming but I know, a change is gonna come, oh yes it will.” But this blog is not primarily about the murder of George Floyd (since that was addressed before), or in furtherance of the work being carried out by BLM, but rather, the intrinsic shift that must take place in recollection of history in order to correct the great untruths that have been taught to Black people about themselves and his relevance in time. The whole story of Christopher Columbus for example just never sat right with many. How on earth does someone discover an island that was already inhabited by Indians? It is so true that the biggest lies are glaring, for what does that lead one to think except that these people evolved from lizards, quite laughable, but since the relegation of Blacks being half human was already reserved? History books carry that Columbus discovered Jamaica in 1494, but it get worse, since he

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