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ATLANTIS – Where Jamaica, the Virgin Islands along with Americas and the world rises

10.000 years ago humanity’s Grand Drama of Birth, Death and Resurrection, continued in the lost continent of Atlantis. The falling Axis of Earth removed the Dagon star Alpha Draconis Thaban the (Snake) from True north the north celestial pole above Earth. The Axis of the earth was moving backward one degree every 72 years thru an elliptical circle encompassing 12 gates known as the 12 Ages of Man. Aha Men Path (Atlantis) sunk under the Atlantic Ocean and with it, all of its technologies. “King Osiris is Dead” his body remains in a bull’s hide upon the Majit boat traveling to Egypt, the land of the second soul of God with Horus who lost his right eye. Suddenly in the Mist of the sunken Atlantis, which Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands along with America are a part of, Isis (Iset) sees The Resurrection of Osiris in the Helical rise of the Orion constellation from which Osiris was named…. after which the arch of Queen Nut protecting and guiding her children would be immortalized in epitaph in Egypt, showing The Mother Gathering her Children in a new land, a new era on earth. The reality of these mysteries lost through the annals of time have been codified in myth and legion, and have their root in a common reality of a Greater Humanity both at the Dawn of the creation and now. The story is told in the stars and on earth through Ancient scrolls and acheo monolith statues and ruins

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