Long after the conundrum of murder, mayhem, and the seemingly drawn out psychological expanse of time to the “Nine Night,” (the cultural culmination of mourning of close knit family and friends), the heart remains painfully expanded and heavily laden, beating without volition in the breast of those who in the moment, might have offered their life as a sacrifice for those so deeply loved. It leaves a void too deep and personal to be truly felt by anyone else but those so riveted in such moments in time. It is never as simple as emotions emanating from even those who know loss, since degrees and threshold vary and time begins to heal, albeit slowly. With peripheral vision blurred and focus becoming transfixed in singularity of grief and suffering, the processing of effects and repercussions on the wider community is often overlooked. As a result and in direct proportion to Jamaica’s long standing crime wave, many of her citizens, including children, are merely existing through the severe burden of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety and with remedial psychological care slow in coming or in some instances, not accessible at all, it renders a lack of motivation and the drive to achieve anything in life. Of course the wider society suffers in work attendance and productivity but this pales in contrast to the personal suffering that ensues. Coupled with this is the fact that there is a systemically lack of positive uplifting ambitious figures to emulate, which adds to a prevailing

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