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Reject blind faith and declare true faith to be an internal acknowledgement of the truth within. Even the most apparently trivial thought, when experienced from within, could hold a profound spiritual meaning, it is the presence of the spiritual sense which makes the Word divine. Faith alone justifies and it sets apart by time and distance, the works of the law. Charity cannot be conjoined with faith, since faith is from God, and charity, so far as it is expressed in works, is from man. But both must exist in unison in man, so that we may mirror in honor, the inner sanctum that God freely gives us. Both faith and charity are necessary for the evolution of salvation. One without the other separates us from our greatest truth. Faith alone cannot procure justification of truth, although it must be faith which results in obedience. The purpose of faith is to lead a person to a life according to truth. In faith we reveal God’s Love for each and every spark from the Divine, but it is in the expression of our love for God that charity becomes the product of faith and eternity is secured.  Faith by itself, if it is not complemented by action, is dead and produces nothing that is relevant to God.  Charity reflects the love of God and in itself produces the continuum of life’s evolution. The trinity of faith, hope, and love are the foundation for our existence. Charity is the link that binds

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