Balance is an evolutionary step. Where does one go to take the first step towards balance? The answer is …. Right here! – The place where desire and ego collide. The place where your inner turmoil is recognized for what it is ….. Illusion! No matter how real it feels to the ego … the spirit knows that it is a response to an illusionary penetration into human psyche. So the primary step to balance is to accept your spiritual nature, the inner voice which speaks from the core that supersedes the turmoil of the thought process. It’s that inner sanctum of thoughtlessness, where what is understood is that life exists and persists with or without you. Therefore, your thoughts are no more than you are at any given time when your focus is on them. The inner sanctum of thoughtlessness is neither perception nor a particular state of being; it is the existence of a life force that courses through you without your need to attend to it … for it is what it is… and has always been, in order to be what it will become. To achieve that understanding takes making the step in evolutionary thought, to become aware that the conduit through which energy flows is pulsating through you. It does not take blind faith, it just requires letting go as the experience passes through you and giving up the power to that which is greater than you.  This trust is not an action that needs

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