I’ve become a sucker for any plausible rationale or understanding of what permeates globally in the mindset of our leaders and the average man, in brutality, violence, death and many untold injustices meted out to fellow humans? How can the highest intelligence of species on earth continue on its baffling downward spiral? How can the species that God saw fit to give dominion over all others become so far removed from the tenets of biblical principles, practices and decency that we all know to be true, and fail to exercise this knowing, thereby allowing such deep erosion of the guidelines, that have led humanity to unquestionably become the most brutal of all in the animal kingdom? What of wars, infamy, bigotry, prejudices such as those set against the pervading yet subliminal notion that Blacks have not evolved much beyond half human, homosexuality, sexual indiscretions, misogyny, mis-education leading to the tempering of common sense and man-made diseases that are deliberately spread in poor countries to facilitate scientific research? Is the Bulgarian Beinsa Douno, one of the world’s most revered spiritualist and philosopher, speaking to this obvious transitioning through a world dominated by an evil force or societies of atheists disguised as Christians? Where is the light? I believe it is evident in his words here. Peter Konstantinov Deunov, also known as Beinsa Douno, was born in 1886. A few days before his death in 1944, in a trance-like state, he wrote a prophecy. This prophecy could just as well have been

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