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To say this is the dawning of a new day would be a rhetorical statement. It only goes to show how difficult it is to remove entrenched belief patterns in culture. This mindset becomes dangerous not only because people are led to live a life of deceit and self-denial, leaving ignorance in its wake, but because what is feared may live in the house next door. I thought it was the wrath of God that led me to live in Atlanta, a utopia for homosexuality, until I realized that it was for the understanding that man should be at liberty to express their unique self without prejudice and to accept the truth in “Conversations with God” which states, that God is not opposed to any expression of love. It was so hard coming here with my little island mind and adjusting to living in an advanced society among men who knew that homosexuality has existed since 2400 B.C. It is honestly still hard by certain measures but I continue to pray that God will help me to accept that which I cannot change and it leads me to wonder if I would suffocate living in Jamaica again as that self-righteous, dictatorial taint in mentality, continues to permeate every facet of life there. I am in total agreement with Dr. Michael Abrahams article in The Jamaica Gleaner today: One day, several years ago, while taking my daughter home from school, she asked me a very interesting question: “Daddy, regarding the buggery

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