Lisa Hanna Engaged 1


When William Shakespeare said “Music is the food of love,” I think he was remiss in not adding “….and life.” It brings moral fortitude, psychological distraction from adversity, and hope and inspiration for many of those so deprived. I have seen many letters from prisoners attesting to this and so I am inclined to think that those opposing Lisa Hana’s viewpoint on deplorable musical lyrics, as clearly stated in the JAMAICA OBSERVER 2/27/17, are gripped with fear, because she speaks the truth. Crime has held Jamaica at ransom for decades. It has wreaked havoc on our economy, seen the flight of large numbers of concerned patriotic citizens who have chosen to leave her shores rather than fight the continuous erosion of ethical principles, live under a perceived threat of criminal elements and the derailing of common decency, which had previously held the fabric of our society strong and attractive. Many Jamaicans are adept at crying out for blue murder and restitution from a government that they fail to acknowledge is pulling all stops to quell crime. They fail to understand the various paradigms that attribute to this decay, that government alone cannot do it, and that all hands and hearts must contribute, if even by support, for those who valiantly strive to rid the country of this horrific malady. They fail to understand that by their very abstinence they are succinctly contributing to this steep downward spiral of society’s decline to a dis-eased state, of which, music plays a pivotal

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