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For over a century and many years before its use became vogue, Jamaicans were pioneering the use of ganja for religious, medicinal and recreational purposes. Information on Jamaica becoming known for having the “good stuff” went so far and wide that all Jamaicans were presumed to be ganja smokers and were left no choice but to embrace the “stigma” of being from the island known as the ganja capital of the world. But for all these years, the use of this God given bush of nature was legally prohibited in Jamaica and this despite the eventuality of places such as The Netherlands legalizing ganja to the extent that it could be ordered with coffee, yet any mention or discussion of ganja in foreign circles remained synonymous with Jamaica. During Jamaica’s pot history and the seemingly irrefutable reputation of the entire nation being ganja smokers, no layman would have guessed that highly developed countries were positioning themselves to legalize it in such a strategic, posited and structured manner that the gains would be enjoyed only by them, while deliberately leaving countries such as Jamaica totally marginalized. It has become exceedingly clear that peripheral societies will continue to make unilateral decisions to ensure that their agenda to expropriate resources from tropical biospheres, or dispossessing the tropics of its chrematistic value, remains internalized, so as not to share any benefits from such undertakings, in order to ensure the continuation of imperialism. Discussions on legalizing marijuana in Jamaica have made the rounds from time

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