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The gut wrenching and tear jerking story carried by CNN on September 1st 2016 regarding clemency granted by President Obama to Sharanda Jones, shines a damning light on the underbelly of a justice system in America that reeks of a stinking stench which, prior to this becoming broad knowledge, would be enough to trigger convulsive vomiting and dysentery. It underscores a constitution that is replete with cracks in its judicial system, deliberately and strategically focused in underprivileged areas to “capture” minorities, but with a specific agenda to bring in Black youngsters primarily, for servitude, to feed the greed of super wealthy capitalist enterprises. It stands as a testament of how the penal system has postured itself to pit one against the other in this country, with a mandate to imprison them in droves and to level extreme sentences as harsh as life imprisonment, based only on hypothesis where there is no hard core evidence. But more so, it reflects a sector of the population as being straight up unethical psychopaths who are simply the prophetic underdogs driven by fear and insecurity. This fear mentality has its genesis deeply steeped in guilt carried over from slavery, and the harsh penal existence that it meted out to human beings based solely on the color of their skin. To add credence to this claim would be to site the “Cash for Kids” case which unfolded in Pennsylvania in 2009 where judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan were sentenced to prison for accepting bribery

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