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FACEBOOK is for sure the best social media platform for networking but more-so it seems, for self-aggrandizement, for such is the thought of many. This weighs in on acceptance, self-value, self-worth, continuous applause/likes, and the desired maintenance of a would-be lofty psychological posturing. Facebook has lured and made addicts of many, in that it serves up hope for one of the greatest hierarchical needs of man – that of recognition. Liking the posts of others sometimes has no bearing on what is posted or whether it makes sense, but more so by whom it is posted. Profiles, weddings, graduations and other pictures of outstanding achievements, preferably of Caribbean nationals, are ranked high but so too are pictures that are a bit more risqué. The count is still being tallied as to whether the general preference is for boobs or large bottoms. It is also the medium used for those who would otherwise prefer to be published denominational religionists or advocates of any Black conscious movement, again, preferably where people from the Caribbean are involved, but especially for those affected by homophobia. Most outstanding however, is the level of social comparison and envy with which it comes. It is totally fine for many to broadcast travels or other achievements whether past or present, but woe be unto those who come out of left field to announce anything that threatens to topple the status of others who considered themselves hitherto, at the top of the chain. To give social media its due

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