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BLACK LIVES MATTER – by Marlene Daley

Link to “Race Baiting 101” “Black Lives Matter” was formed in response to what I am now forced to label, “the alleged murder” of the innocent unarmed 17-year-old Black teenager Trayvon Martin, who was gunned down by the armed civilian George Zimmerman. As an individual who voluntarily scouted his neighborhood to keep it safe from suspected criminals, Zimmerman’s stereotypical suspect is black skinned, young and wearing hoodie. Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges while Martin, to quote one writer, was “post-humously” (hyphenated, I imagine, to underscore a new definition that technically means, the deceased representation of self), placed on trial for his own murder. The film producer/director Matthew Cooke has added his voice to the cause of these bizarre, unconscionable, senseless killings and the continuing deliberate incarceration of Blacks and underprivileged citizens of America. His conscience and passion brought him to produce the riveting short video titled Race Baiting 101 (, which some may find a soothing salve, despite knowing that the ignorance that comes with prejudice is slowly but surely being eroded. He may be one of relatively few White men who could embrace Black women with their “burry-burry” head and treat them like queens as opposed to others (even among Blacks), who speak but not act accordingly. There are Blacks who in fact will try to use lighter skin in a way that could be self-demeaning or projected as such that could be interpreted to mean, having a psychological edge – that does not realistically exist. I hold

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By now enough evidence abounds to support the true experiences of those who have gone close to, or beyond death’s door, and returned. Queen Noor’s book “Leap of Faith” comes to mind immediately, in which, she relates candidly, her late husband King Hussien of Jordon’s experience of seeing the light, prior to his final departure many months later. The video above should help to dispel doubts, if there are any, regarding the fact that life ends upon the exit of the spirit that propels it. But closer to home brings me to my own mother who had to be hospitalized due to an intestinal infection along with other subsequent complications that took her to death’s door. In her state of partial consciousness she spoke about an urgent 6 o’clock appointment at a prayer tower. She had to get dressed hurriedly because she could not be late. “Hurry up, hurry up,” she told my sister Marcia, speaking softly from pain and grogginess from medication.  Marcia, her loving loyal attendant, knew that she was “travelling” and watched and listened to her keenly.  Most of her 19 grandchildren and a few great grandchildren had gathered around her bed in a mournful demeanor, no doubt sending up prayers for her keeping. Those of us who lived overseas were on high alert. With our cell phone clutched closely, we worked almost mindlessly waiting on the final call. My sister Avis made hurried arrangements and got on the earliest flight to see her before the end;

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Few innovations and creative gifts have slipped between the cracks. By far, education ranks highest in the furtherance of man’s ultimate achievement and intellectual expression of creative thought. There are schools of thought that believe that stimulating the embryo can contribute to or promote near genius education in children. The broadest frame of reference comes from doing so through music and reading, as this may promote mental expansion. Jill Binoche’s article “Make Baby Smarter in the Womb” states: “Research indicates that a variety of stimulation while babies are in the womb is the start to building and promoting cognitive development. From playing music to reading to physical interaction in utero, stimulated babies are able to begin life with an advantage, being born with what some researchers consider more confidence in themselves and the ability to learn more easily. In addition to stimulating and purposefully interacting with the baby, staying relaxed and keeping stress levels at a minimum for the mother are also necessary for promoting fetal brain development.” It is also widely accepted that preschools that facilitate supervised play allows infants to play out their thoughts or fears, this being their only avenue of expression, as opposed to adults being able to talk it through. Research continues to unravel and validate that ongoing intrinsic contribution that music brings to learning math, language and reasoning through auditory learning. Psychological proponents argue that during the most critical and accelerated years of learning in a child’s life – birth to six years old

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Since apologizing for his contribution to debunking the medicinal use of weed in August 2013, with claims of not carefully reviewing scientific data and lack of his own research, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, journalist, neurosurgeon, media personality etc. has now moved into the same hall of recognition as Christopher Columbus. The former has now discovered that weed may not be as harmful as previously thought and indeed should not have been classified as a Schedule 1 drug. Dr. Gupta’s statement reads: “We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in it.” No doubt Dr. Gupta’s apology has been well received by those countries that have been deeply involved in continuing scientific research of the medical benefits of the weed. He would have done well to ask any layman on the streets of Jamaica about the effects of weed, also called “the weed of wisdom.” While Kotch Magazine is in no way endorsing or encouraging the social use of weed, it was clear to the eyes of the writer that weed was not nearly as addictive or destructive as alcohol, for example. One would be hard put to find herb smokers sprawling on the side of the road, so inebriated as to be rendered of no use and forgetting how they got there. Fast forward to 2015, the sale of marijuana in Colorado for recreational purposes is growing with mind boggling profit. Colorado legalized the use of weed

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SIBLING RIVALRY – by Marlene Daley

Our mother, father, siblings, extended family, friends, neighbors, peers, culture, locale, education, colleagues, mates, experiences, travels, religion, spiritual inclination, beliefs, mundane trappings, and so on, are all necessary or preordained “enablers” on this journey of life, which leads to self-realization. But we must be particularly thankful when relationships with our siblings transition, blossom and bloom into something as wonderful as friendship, for without compromise, there will certainly be differences between “individuals” that makes for a relationship that is sometimes untenable. Dr. Wayne Dyer was right on the button when he said that, “Your friends are God’s way of apologizing for your relatives.” I guess he knew that despite the saying, “Blood is thicker than water,” and that family will more often than not be there in times of need, making friends within the family is often difficult. Take the scenario of a family of ten children who grew up in St. Kitts. They were thrust closely together not by intention but by virtue of the fact that throughout their upbringing they lived humbly in a small dwelling. Who would have thought that life’s natural arrangement would have driven a wedge between such constant close physical interaction, rather than pushing them psychologically apart. “The space was always too tight,” Steven the eighth in lineup, bemoaned, “I couldn’t wait to grow up and live on my own. I was suffocating.” That need for space manifested at an early age, far too soon for the many years of growth that it would have

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