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The recent detailed and most insightful reports emanating from none less than the Kaieteur News as it relates to the controversial Government of Guyana’s US$40 million terrestrial fibre optic cable that purportedly runs from the border town of Lethem to Georgetown is definitely one for the history books. The most recent revelation is that this undertaking is part of a larger US $100 million ICT project that includes a Long Term Evolution Network (LTE) under the ambit of something that parades itself as “ E-Governance”. This project is anything other than E-Governance because according to the industry best practices – the application of such a programme is geared towards the corrupt free delivery of basic state services to businesses, consumers, state employees and even government to government. Therein lies the conundrum – is this project above board, beyond reproach and can its principal architects seriously withstand professional scrutiny devoid of politics. The answer is a resounding NO! The hard questions that one begs to ask of the relevant authorities and their various underlings that have been assigned dubious roles in this ambitious but misguided undertaking are as follow: (A) Which state entity is really the one that owns this project? (B) Is it a public-private partnership as there have been many names from a number of well known local private sector entities aligned with the regime of the day that are linked to this nebulous undertaking? (C) Which company was assigned the main contract to design, deploy and maintain this

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